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Hello all,

I searched this forum and the CARNA website for approximate processing times for an IEN applying to be an RN in Canada, the best I could come up with was about 10 weeks but that was from posts in 2008. Has anyone applied recently, and how long did it take to hear back from them about needing an SEC assessment, etc? I am just trying to do a bit of pre planning, and I realize it would likely be different for everyone.

I will be graduating with a BSN in May in the US. My husband lives in Calgary so I would like to be with him after graduation. I am weighing my options in regards to getting a new grad job here for awhile while I wait for CARNA, or just going up to be with him and doing something else for work while I wait. Time will tell what job prospects will be like in either place come May, but immigration decisions must be made early... we have done the long distance thing for 3 years while I've been in school and we should probably just be patient but want to start a family and our life together. His immigration application to the states is going nowhere anytime soon.

I greatly respect the knowledge and opinions of long-time posters on here. Thank you in advance for reading and replying!

To put it bluntly, it takes as long as it takes. Alberta's nursing colleges are still being inundated with IEN applications. Why, for the most part, we really don't know. Work is still not thick on the ground.

Each application is assessed individually. Timing is also important due to renewal dates for working Albertan nurses. The colleges have to process our yearly renewals in a speedy manner.

The best thing I can suggest is dot every "i" and cross every "t" and hope it goes through smoothly.

hi I have done my BSc-nursing from USA, and recently moved to edmonton (feb,2010)......i applied CARNA 24th feb,2010, most of my documents reached CARNA by 28th june,2010, but for the birthcertificate (BC)......i had to send my birth cert. 3 times coz for some reason, CARNA cldnt read it (it was in english).....finally after much emailing and sending a declaration of BC, my CARNA online status was updated on 10th nov,2010....

in the update it showed my preassessment cleared on 9th nov,2010 and my assessment cleared on 10th nov,2010.....but so far i havent got the results of that assessment ie wheter i meet all the requirements or not / if i have to take SEC or i am waiting for the CARNA verdict at the moment :)......hope this gives you some idea abbout the processing

also as far as i understand, since u will b a new grad , the decision of whether u have to take SEC or not will be influenced by your clinical and theory hrs during nursing program and not by your RN experience.......if i were you i wld try to get clinical hrs in all the 4 specialities and make sure that it is mentioned by your clinical instructor, in the CARNA form.....u wld have to take SEC only if u r missing hrs in any of the 4 specialities (as far as my understanding goes :))....if u do decide to move to canada after may, u can get canadian experience / references (maybe as NA or something), get a feel for availibilty of RN jobs in calgary area and be with your husband :).....just an observation thats all! all the best in whtevr u decide! :)

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hi just a quick update......CARNA finished my assessment on 10th nov, and the decision letter was mailed to me on the 18th nov ( it reached me on the 26th nov,2010 )....... as per CARNA decision, after my documents were assessed, I am eligible for a Temporary permit. i do not have to take SEC..... and can sit for CRNE yeah!!!! :)

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Hi there... I am an IEN and I applied to CRNBC, I was told 8-10weeks to process my initial application once all the paperwork was received... It ended up taking 23weeks.

So as someone else pointed out even though they give you a guideline it is merely that, they take as long as they need to.

Fingers crossed you get processed quickly!

wow, I hope this serves an inspiration . my husband will sponsor me, he is in Alberta and im currently preparing to take my ielts, I'm going to take the test again so I can send it to carna for the asessment while I wait for my papers...uhm, am I making a right decision to apply my carna while Im here in the philippines?

Im newbie here;) I hope someone could help me . thank u in advance:)

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Yes you should start the college process sooner rather than later

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By all means, start the registration process. But don't plan on landing a job quickly or easily. The job boards are full of postings right now, but there's a very large group of Alberta nurses graduating into the workforce in the next couple of weeks, and they've been promised jobs. I'm not telling you this to be discouraging, but to make you aware of the reality of the situation here at this time.

thank you, I hope I can get a positive result on my English test so I can start with the application while I'm here in the Philippines

Thank you Janfrn , actually it didnt came to me as " discouragement" it even serves an inspiration to pursue what I am planning to do, for the meantime I have to enroll myself for my IELTS ( mine expired 2007)hopefully I get to pass the test so I can start working on the application while I wait for my Husband's petition.

Another thing, I don't have an idea about the SEC test, is the applicant the one who will sched the test or the SEC Im kinda worried what if i ve submitted my appliation and by the time SEC asked me to take the test and IM still not there... will they cancell the test for me? or does the applicant gets to choose the test date..if so, is there an expirations? like if you didnt sit for the test in a year will they cancell your chance to take the test ?

sorry I ask too much...i hope someone reads this and clear my queries ;):o

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