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Care to Share your Ideas for EFFECTIVE NCLEX PREPARATION?


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:trout: Am planning to take the NCLEX exam next year of April. The thing here is i have not been reading effectively. I did try to begin the first few chapters of Saunder's the latest edition, but it seems it's not progressing to improvement. And to include, I'm working a 5hr job in the morning in which when i go home, i really wish i won't have to work. By the way it's a psychology thing and not a nursing job.I have accepted this, due to the smear campaign brought by that controversial JUne 2006 NLE, and that i decided to take off from nursing for awhile.. Now that i have my license, PRAISE GOD!, i'm pursuing my nursing goals then. However,it's kinda like i'm wishing i won't have to work so that i can go study straight in the morning.. As a person i'm more motivated to hit my books early in the morning and doze off around 7pm.:uhoh3: This is just how it is with me and so if you have something you can suggest some effective strategies that i could begin to work on myself...it will really be a blessing.:lol2:

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There are tons of threads about this in the NCLEX forum. Try the sticky post called "First tip of my study plan", which is based on the Saunders book.

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