Care planning meeting


My new facility averages about 20 admission per week. 
We have care plan meetings only one day a week so all those admissions fall on the same  care plan meeting day. I schedule the new adm care plan meeting on the first care plan day after day 14
Our SW would like to call the d/c meeting that is held around day 7 a “care plan meeting”. Can we call it a care plan meeting if the MDS is not even done?  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this


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It's at the facility's discretion call it any title.

I'd name it Discharge Planning.

As defined Appendix PP, p220

”A process that generally begins on admission and involves identifying each resident’s discharge goals and needs, developing and implementing interventions to address them, and continuously evaluating them throughout the resident’s stay to ensure a successful discharge"

The meeting guides disciplines in developing their own plan of care which is then presented during the official care plan day.


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yes, you are reviewing the plan of care and the patient's needs. many patients don't stay very long and d/c  always begins as soon as they are evaluated.  So save yourself and your team some work and if you have someone leaving, call it a care plan meeting.