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  1. RAMP program question

    It depends where you are in the process. You may have to attend 3 months of weekly counseling sessions. Usually people also do their 90 meetings in 90 days at the same time. Once this is all completed they meet to decide if they will give your licens...
  2. RAMP program question

    Yes please do it
  3. NJ Ramp oversite

    NJ Ramp now has oversite for grievances from participants. oversitebody@gmail.com
  4. Care planning meeting

    yes, you are reviewing the plan of care and the patient's needs. many patients don't stay very long and d/c always begins as soon as they are evaluated. So save yourself and your team some work and if you have someone leaving, call it a care plan m...
  5. Positive? urine screen

    yes, you were tested for the wellbutrin. If you provided a prescription for this medication to your case manager you will be fine. You are allowed to take medications as long as you have provided the prescription to them. In my case in NJ RAMP we mus...
  6. RAMP program question

    Ramp in NJ is 5 years. It does not allow nurses to work in critical care, including Emergency dept. Some nurses will be allowed to work in critical care type positions during their final two years, as long as you go through the program without ...
  7. speak to your supervisor and advise that person (DON, Administrator) that you are not paid to answer calls on the days you are not working or not on call. You will probably be told that you are responsible 24/7. This is impossible, as we all have a ...
  8. Certification for Infection Prevention

    Can anyone recommend which way to go for an R.N., working in LTC/skilled nursing to pursue certification in Infection Control/prevention. I have searched the threads and found the word "infection" is a very popular word. Thank you for any infor...
  9. https://www.chapmanlawgroup.com/hprpclassaction-motiondismiss/ This is the link to the class action lawsuit in Michigan against the abuse of power of their monitoring program.
  10. U/A's/ COVID-19

    A lot of our labs that do RAMP NJ testing are just closed. Their websites don't tell you this so you get to go there and find out that they are closed. Good Luck. we are needed so much at our jobs and these tests make us late for work and now we ge...
  11. Panicked. Missed check in

    I get your anxiety, but I'm sure it's fine. RAMP in NJ can make all of the errors but we are not allowed to be humans. And we are humans. We are treated with no compassion, like we are criminals. We are people with a disablity, called addiction and ...
  12. NJ RAMP

    It's an app similar to facebook but without any restrictions. A lot of people started using it because facebook would block what facebook thinks is offensive, or does not agree with their "standards" or politics. If you join MeWe, make an anonymous...
  13. NJ RAMP

    There is an anonymous MEWE group named NJ RAMP.
  14. FSSolutions uses or is contracted only with labs that are open from 7am to 2pm and close from 11-12 daily- For Urine testing. (Quest) Some of these labs don't perform "drug testing" until 10 am. Despite providing and writing my donor number on ...
  15. Fssolutions is a mess. Calls to them are a joke. They send nurses for random blood testing to places hours away, only to get there to find they don't know you are coming, don't have the "kit" and don't know where to send the specimen. This is just...