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  1. https://www.chapmanlawgroup.com/hprpclassaction-motiondismiss/ This is the link to the class action lawsuit in Michigan against the abuse of power of their monitoring program.
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    It's an app similar to facebook but without any restrictions. A lot of people started using it because facebook would block what facebook thinks is offensive, or does not agree with their "standards" or politics. If you join MeWe, make an anonymous profile and search for NJ Ramp. It was just started.
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    There is an anonymous MEWE group named NJ RAMP.
  4. FSSolutions uses or is contracted only with labs that are open from 7am to 2pm and close from 11-12 daily- For Urine testing. (Quest) Some of these labs don't perform "drug testing" until 10 am. Despite providing and writing my donor number on my lab slip, they randomly change the donor/employee number. I had to argue with one place that a "split" specimen was required. (not a single) Recently I was tested and they also spelled my name completely wrong. I was already late for work, and they said I would have to wait for them to re-do it, making me even later. On top of this, I then receive a nasty e-mail from FSS that I need to use my CORRECT DONOR Number. The tests frequently come back dilute or "abnormal" and are followed up with an expensive blood test. Another money making way for FSS. Think about this... you wake up very early and the first thing you have to do is Pee. You check in and are selected for some Option # urine test. So you show up at the lab at 7 am when they open, after having drank water so that you can pee on command at the lab. Avoiding morning coffee until after the test. I can't help it if my urine is dilute at 7 in the morning. When selected for a random blood test you must wait until 7 am to call FSS to see where they will send you for your blood test. Most nurse are already starting their day at work. Many days there is such a high volume that they cannot answer you right away and you get a machine. What???? If we are lucky there is a lab that stays open until 5 pm that will draw your blood. Then you have to hope to get out of work by 3:30 pm and get there in time. One morning I was sent to a lab for blood, I was first to get there at 8 am, and didn't get out of there until almost 10 am. There was no one in front of me. Some of the lab places really don't care and I've even heard one person say "oh, we have another drug test" out loud, in front of the waiting room. I understand that we as addicts have brought this punishment upon ourselves but I think since we are paying for these tests, we should at least be treated in a decent way. RAMP is a money maker. The stress that is caused by this Recovery and Monitoring Program is a joke. Forcing us to attend three 12-step meetings per week on top of a RAMP peer group meeting, while trying to juggle being tested 2-3 times per month is just more stress on people who work stressful jobs already and are trying to stay clean and sober. And all along, we are paying for the lab fees, the peer group meetings. It's all about the $$$$
  5. Fssolutions is a mess. Calls to them are a joke. They send nurses for random blood testing to places hours away, only to get there to find they don't know you are coming, don't have the "kit" and don't know where to send the specimen. This is just great for us in "recovery". They are also good for transfering calls to numbers that you can leave a message at and never get a return call. Good luck with this.
  6. jancon201

    Ramp in NJ

    I have been in RAMP in NJ for about 6 months. I wish you luck.

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