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I'm usually REALLY good with care plans but we're doing a mental health week during which our Nursing Diagnoses and Potential Complications have to be psychosocial.

I'm at a rehab place and my pt is an 87 year old woman with a diabetic ulcer (stage IV) on her heel which is exposing the tendon. Wound Vac isn't working and she's going for an allograft later this week. Everyone is hoping that will fix her heel but i'm not so sure. She's got PAD, Thrombocytopenia, Is moderately malnurished, and pretty much everything else that delays wound healing. She lives at home with her daughter who helps her and she also has someone from an agency who comes during the day. Her son lives nearby and she lives in a small community on a reservation.

I've got some potential psychosocial nursing diagnoses i could work up (Caregiver Role strain r/t care receiver health status; interrupted family process r/t shift in health status of family member.. and some others that i'm looking into).

My problem is that our potential complications HAVE to be psychosocial this week and I have no idea what to put except for Depression or Anxiety. Any suggestions? Can I use 'STRESS' as a psychosocial PC since there will be some stress on both the pt and the daughter (caregiver) when the pt returns home (she was moderately independant/minimal assist prior to this hospitalization and she will need MUCH more assistance when she returns home).

Any ideas?


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I would use risk for ineffective family coping in addition to those u've already listed.

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Do you have anything that involves the unknown?

WOW, all of them psychosocial ... :eek:

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i know.. right? i'm going with STRESS as my PC and Powerlessness for my ND. Our school is pretty good. If your careplan isn't great they're good about helping you get it right rather than failing you. :)

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i think your choices look pretty good. if you look in the nanda book under these domains:

5, perception/cognition

6, self-perception

7, role

9, coping/stress

you may find some more that apply to your patient and her family/caregivers. good start.:up: