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  1. Nurse refused to give CPR

    no you would do CPR any time that breaths and/or hr isn't sufficient for life
  2. do the really ask this on the NCLEX?

    I just took it Monday and there were no questions like that and from what I can gather is its mostly prioritization and teaching
  3. Nclex

    Invest in the Hurst review program, I'm a slacker and waited til the week b4 to study for NCLEX and passed w/ 75 question. nearly all of my questions were covered in the review or the Saunders comp review(only used the test bank and only used it the ...
  4. 30 bucks an hour starting salary???

    on weekend nights, but base it's 23.38
  5. ATI

    Just wondering if any one has ever used Ati only to prepare for nclex? My job offers hurst for free and I plan to use it but for now I'm only using the focused reviews from the RN predictor exam. Will I be ok?
  6. "Risk for" never come first. I would change the risk for ineffective tissue perfusion to an actual diagnosis and make it number 1 rational: ABC model. Activity intolerance and fatigue are kinda the same so I'd work on those. and I'd make the risk fo...
  7. I would use risk for ineffective family coping in addition to those u've already listed.