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  1. Hey everybody!

    So here's my issue. I have been a rehab nurse for almost 2 years at a large rehab facility but it was time for a change. I have recently accepted and began my new role as a Tele/ICU nurse at a very small community hospital. But I feel like I'm not nearly as up to speed on medical knowledge as everyone else on that floor. I'm really scared to mess up. Anyone have any advice for me? Any literature you think I could read?

    Also, as a CC nurse, what do you bring with you to work everyday? I used to bring pens, markers, and my ID. LOL. Pretty basic stuff. I didnt even bother bringing my steth b/c there was always a cheap one on the floor. But here I'm see people bring a pulse ox, and fancy stethoscopes, and light pens.... I should be as prepared as every other Tele/ICU nurse, right?!?

    Oh, and one more thing: any advice on starting on a new floor?

    Any advice would be appreciated!
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    When I did ICU I brought a good "brain" sheet. I used a pencil bag to store my pens, calibers, highlighters, mints/gum, hand cream and etc. Ofcourse you need your steth and pen light. I also bought a note pad and pocket ICU reference guide. More importantly, I brought my brain. Good luck to you!!!
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    I agree with the above a good brain sheet, a GOOD stethoscope, clamps, tape, pinlight and a good pen [multicolored]. You might want to ask your mentor what she uses for a reference guide. Even though you are Tele\ICU - the type of patients will determine the type of guide needed. Enjoy!
  6. by   turnforthenurse
    First off, don't fret about "not being up to speed" because you are starting out in a different specialty. Tele/ICU can be very tough at times. I started out there and I learned A LOT.

    I also agree with getting a good brain sheet. That is crucial. Get yourself a good stethoscope, too. A lot of nurses favor Littmanns, including myself. I personally have the Cardiology III which was expensive (I think around $150 or so) but definitely worth the investment. I have had it for 3 years and it still works great. I also have a Classic II S.E. that I have had for 5 years (that is the one I used in nursing school and then I decided to upgrade towards the end) and that also works great. I also bring a few black clicky pens (so you don't have to worry about the caps), a highlighter (I prefer to use that instead of a red pen), penlight, sharpie (in case I had to mark NG output or chest tube drainage output), scissors & tape. I also used a storage clipboard (it opens up so you can store things inside like papers, extra pens, etc). You can purchase them at Walmart for nearly $10.

    I also like to use my iPhone. Some of my favorite apps:
    * CriticalCare - I think it was $2.99 but this is a goldmine of information. The navigation could be better, though.
    * ACLS Manual
    * Heart Murmurs
    * Arrhythmia
    * Lab Values+
    * DripsManager
    * Micromedex (I love this even more than Lexicomp)
    * ABG Stat
    * Medscape
    * !0 Second NIHSS Stroke Scale

    And of course, Allnurses

    Brush up on your cardiac rhythms. If you're not already ACLS certified, get yourself into an ACLS class if your employer provides them. Look up vasoactive medications and drips. The Manual of Critical Care Nursing is an excellent resource.
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    I recently bought myself a new stethoscope - MDF cardiology. I love it. Somewhat cheaper than littman, and very well made. Hefty though, I think I could knock out an attacker with it.

    THe only thing I liked better about my littman (wasn't card) is that it was much lighter. I guess I never got the hang of the tuneable diaphragm...

    I carry my calipers, a highlighter (I highlight stuff on the report sheet that I need to address/take care of/research), scissors, hemastats, sticky notes, flashlight...

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