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Hi all, for those who are unfamiliar, PCCN is the equivalent of CCRN certification but it is geared towards step-down and tele nurses. (Adult Progressive Care Nursing Certification.) It's an AACN... Read More

  1. by   turnforthenurse
    Quote from GinaCat
    hi there! sorry i just saw your post now. i honestly can't tell you if it's working because I have no way of measuring my progress. The program that i purchased has a required "practice test" that i scored 84% on, but I really don't know how it compares to the real test. I will be taking it by November 1st because the program i bought has a "90 day guarantee." so if I take it and don't pass, supposedly i will be reimbursed for a retest. i will absolutely let you know how it goes. right now i'm not very confident at all! I just feel like I don't know enough, and I wish there was one comprehensive THOROUGH source to study from. i may have to buy that book, but the $ I am spending to prepare is adding up. i live in NJ btw or else i'd love a study buddy! are you studying yet?
    maybe we can form some sort of online study group? or have a random PCCN fact throwing thread? no one around here is studying for the PCCN so I'm kind of on my own right now!

    I ended up purchasing David Woodruff's 90 Days to PCCN Success program. I really like it but that also won't be my only means of studying.

    annatuesday, search CCRN on iTunes and there should be a podcast review that pops up. They are narrated by Cammy House-Fancher and she is EXCELLENT. Best of all, the podcasts are FREE. Obviously some of the content won't be presented on the PCCN but overall it's a great review.
  2. by   GinaCat
    hello again to everybody on here. I just want to say that I took it today and I passed w/ 86 correct. I used david woodruff's cds which were shockingly close to the test format. I also did a practice test on the aacn website, which was expensive ($50 for 50 questions) but worth it. Very similar content. I studied exact topics from that and they showed up again on the actual test. Another thing that helped me a lot was I read the research on their website, especially the "practice alerts" which were on the exam too. lastly, I just followed their test outline and made sure I could check off everything that they said would be on it. With complete disregard to GI and some other things that I didn't care about lol. And it was fine. Focus on cardiovascular (esp. hemodynamics and EKGs), pulmonary, and ethics, just like they say. Remember their emphasis on research and being independent and a leader.

    thought this may help others who are searching the internet for advice, as I did for weeks prior to my test date. good luck!
  3. by   RapperRN
    Hi Everyone! I work full-time as a telemetry RN, I'm a father of 3 girls and my wife works as well, so finding time to study (and sleep) has been a challenge. I commute about 25 minutes 1 way to work. Our hospitals library has one book and one hand-book for the PCCN. Not much. Did anyone use the audio PCCN Certification audio CD's? I'm really interested if they are worth the $130 for 6 cd's on amazon.
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  4. by   sammiesmom
    Hey all. I have woodruffs audio cd but it's from 2005. What do you think? I already have two other books, pass CCRN and an orange one by accn. Is this enough?
  5. by   turnforthenurse
    I took the PCCN and passed earlier this year. I used David Woodruff's PCCN Success Program along with the Pass CCRN! book + CD and I purchased the SAE from AACN. I passed on the first try.
  6. by   travlr99
    just bought the core review ebook with 1200 test questions and the synergy model review as a download from Amazon - an amazing price if it is the same as the CCRN website-marketplace. Haven't yet opened it, will today if the day stays quiet! Hope to take the test later this summer
  7. by   Ozzy84
    Hi everyone. I will start to work GI surgical step down, I wonder is there any chance to take ccrn exam with this unit hours? Some people saying yes that can be but the website saying step down nurses eligible to take progressive care certification.
  8. by   kathyRN1
    Just took the exam on Monday July 6th . I studied off and on for 3 months. I scored an 80. This was a great experience. I took a review course through my hospital and listened to a David Woodruff Review online.
  9. by   ashsunnie
    Hello im currently located in south korea .i got N clex Rn license .however i dont work at hospital in usa. I wanna apply this PCCN is it possible to take exam? My total career is 6 yrs and i have started work current tele unit since 2013
  10. by   jlkame
    Anyone willing to part with their David Woodruff materials? It appears that they are no longer available to buy online. I would prefer to borrow or rent from someone. We have a newborn and it is tricky finding pockets of time to study for the PCCN certification. I need something that I can listen to and flashcards. Already purchased the review coarse through ACCN and have Bronsen's book and the Pass CCRN book.
  11. by   CyndylouRN77
    I have been looking for his CD's as well and cannot find it.Not sure why it's not available any longer.
  12. by   Newgradrn8
    Hello! Probably a lame question, but I am a new graduate nurse and am applying to PCU floors. I was looking into the PCCN certification, and noticed a specific amount of care hours must be met. Are there a certain way these hours are logged or kept track of? Would like to obtain this certification in the future! Thank you