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Ozzy84 specializes in GI Surgery Step-down.

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  1. Ozzy84

    How to properly wash & disinfect scrubs??!

    That's true. Very cheap
  2. Ozzy84

    How to properly wash & disinfect scrubs??!

    Never know that pine sol uses for laundry. Sounds weird.
  3. Ozzy84

    Lining and labs/ hemolyzed specimens

    How safe is to draw blood on running IV cath?? I know some people does and than all results come high/low and not accure , due dilated w iv fluid. Is this really right practice to draw a blood from iv cath ? (Not central or PICC)
  4. Ozzy84

    Pain Scales

    When I go patient room, I always asses their pain. Where I Work; I have to document Q4 hour pain. If they ask pain meds yes I give. I don't give med just because he told me his pain 8, I give because he request it. However of course I do document . Even when they sleep, we have to document as non verbal pain assessment.
  5. Ozzy84

    Nclex RN 2015 PLEASE HELP!!

    Kaplan; if you were succesfull in the school.
  6. Ozzy84

    Pearson Vue Trick 2015 Latest

    My friend took nclex Saturday and she tried for quick result however it says exam under review. We tried for trick and it also give same error. I did trick myself couple weeks ago and it worked for me. Anyone know what is mean this error.
  7. Ozzy84

    Chest hair

    I have hairy chest and at work no body say anything !! I wear V neck in Tshrt because I like this way. And my chest hair seen with no problem. First time I heard from you that your school Ask that. silly something.
  8. Ozzy84


    Have you did kaplan practice questions ? How did you prep? How long ago you grad?
  9. Ozzy84

    Pearson Vue Trick 2015 Latest

    I'm Officially an RN. GA BON posted my license after 24 hour test taken.
  10. Ozzy84

    city tech nursing acceptance letter spring 2015

    In nursing program you can't choice professor. Even though you choice professor , the test made usually the head of that class. Your prof may not even make the test. As a teaching, don't expect anything. You need to study your a...s off. Otherwise you will fail. You need to read ahead before and you need to do NCLEX style question prior to exams. This is the only way pass.
  11. Ozzy84

    Pearson Vue Trick 2015 Latest

    I think you are talking about someone else, I just posted first time under this thread.
  12. Ozzy84

    Pearson Vue Trick 2015 Latest

    I'm not asking how is works. I know how to do it. I am just asking if it's still accrues ...
  13. Ozzy84

    Pearson Vue Trick 2015 Latest

    I would like to know if you passed or failed.. this can be prove if tricks works or not..
  14. Ozzy84

    Pearson Vue Trick 2015 Latest

    I just took nclex this morning at 8 am .. I checked and see what i will see ,, so at 2:20pm I tried to register and enter my debit card # has no balance. I clicked to submit , and it told me " i cant register at this time our records indicate ..... " I know some people saying its not accrue any more.. Btw : my computer shut off around 80s question. Thanks
  15. Ozzy84

    Cost of Nurse Residency Program

    Georgia states .. I'm moving from New York City to there.
  16. Ozzy84

    Failed Nclex first Attempt in FL, NY?

    Sadly it's true. I don't agree of course but people who first time take the test told me. Several people told but I don't believe. :)