Has anyone used Natrecor on their unit? - page 4

I work in a 33 bed telemetry unit, "stable" tele. The only drips we use are Dobutamine, Heparin, Cardizem. The physicians have decided to use Natrecor to treat CHF instead of Dobutamine. Currently... Read More

  1. by   douglask
    We use Natrecor frequently on our chf patients. We do start on titrate it on our progressive care unit, monitoring vitals q15x4, q30x2, hourly x2, then q four. It is a vasodilator, so the primary thing to watch for is hypotension. It is usually held for SBP <90. It is usually used short term, and is very effective in relieving the symptoms of chf.
  2. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    We've used it once, about this time last year, on an infant post heart transplant who just wasn't making the grade. There is very limited information on using it in peds, and there I was, expected to run this infusion that I knew nothing about... When I took the patient he'd been on it three days already, and all the information I could gather was clear about it being short-term thing. Being me, I brought that fact up on rounds. Yeah. Shoulda known better. Anyway, we ran it for another 24 hours, and the kid actually turned around. He has been home for eight months and has not made any impromptu visits to our establishment since discharge.

    Oddly enough, I won a fully loaded Palm Pilot T/X from Skyscape because some of the information I used to defend my position on rounds came from my copy of Davis Drugs purchased from them. They had an essay contest looking for ways that their products had been useful in the workplace, and this little boy's story was my winner.
  3. by   mamason
    Awsome on winning the essay and for being your pt's advocate!