Cardiac Rehab, anyone else working this area?

  1. Hi all,
    Looking to see if anyone else here works in Cardiac Rehab. Just started full time and looking to see how others have their programs set up????
    We do inpt/outpt.

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  3. by   lee1
    Too bad I must be the only one around working this rewarding and definitely less stressfull job. Of course, I am comparing it to my CCU job I had at the same hospital for the last 18 years that is Trauma level I and we do heart transplants. Still get to see those pts also but in a less acute setting or am just responsible for their conditioning exercises and not their whole problems.
  4. by   dianah
    Lee, I have been toying with checking this area out. We are currently in almost pre-developmental stages of cardiac rehab @ my facility! How do you get training in Cardiac Rehab (besides seat-of-the-pants)? Any books or online links? Are there conferences held? An organization? Thanks for any clues. -- Diana
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  6. by   Bonnie Blue
    I'm an exercise physiologist who does Phase I inpt rehab. (I'm also in nursing school) My suggestions would be to contact your state cardiac rehab organization along with the national one AACVPR. AACVPR and the American College of Sports Medicine have program guidelines. There also may be books available. Human Kinetics publishes alot of rehab material. Ask lots of questions. Make sure you have the support of your docs and admin and the billing department. Rehab is not a big money maker but is a great service and does help people.
  7. by   dianah
    Thanks for the info, lee1 and Bonnie Blue. Best to you both! -- Diana
  8. by   c-rehabgal
    Hi Lee,

    I have been a cardiac rehab nurse for almost three years now. I love it. It is such a rewarding field to work in. You actually have time to build relationships with your patients. To see improvement in your patient and know that you helped him to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. I work in a rual hospital that has less than 50 beds. We have four RN's. One FT and 3 PT. I have just had a baby so it is very nice to have a part time daylight job.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
  9. by   lee1
    4 RNs for a 50 bed hospital
    I know some are part time.
    How many cardiac rehab pts do you see at one time
    Is Phase II and phase IV mixed???
  10. by   gwenith
    Our facility is looking into restarting the cardiac rehab program and we do have some texts but I would have to go into work to check them out. At present we do a telephone follow up service where we contact the pateints by phone after 2 - 3 weeks to see how they have gone at home. Catch up on where they are with the meds - any more chest pain etc.