4 rejections and no response for 1st interview being experienced as CVOR BSN for 3yr

  1. I am experienced from India as a RN BSN and i am immigrated to USA last April.I passed my NCLEX in november and applied every where being frank i dont know total how many.I was in FL and my license was from fl BON ,i did not get any reply from anywhere so moved to Texas for better hope ,tansferred license to Texas by paying 250 dollar.Again i started to apply here and received 4 rejections and some are not replied.After long time i received a call from one hospital and it was a good interview i mean personally i am satisfied ,he told he will me.but no call and i am too much depressed and i dont know what to do?Any one can give any suggestions.Being a new member in US i am not familiar with all things.please any one can help me??
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  3. by   JillRRN
    o h my I feel your pain!! I have been looking for 10 months and probably go to 4 interviews a week! I never thought finding a job as a nurse in FL would be nearly impossible. I am so behind on all my bills and xmas with kids ugh. Just keep trying, keep going on every jobsearch they have on the net. Email or go to places if they dont have a website. Be persistant and try to keep your head up and dont get depressed. There are a lot of us out there going for the same job and it comes down to what makes YOU special. You have to have a unique quality that sets you apart from everyone else. Think about what it is (even make it up) an d work on it. You will eventually find something. Keep your eye on the prize! I just got a call back from a cath lab that turned me down, but I kept checking on them and it turns out that the person who got the job didn't work out so now I got it. I am so excited I could die. But I am proof that if you just keep trying you will land something, DON'T GIVE UP! Jill
  4. by   JillRRN
    Also be prepared to lower your standards if you have to just to get something, and then you can look for something better but at least you will have an income while you look. Jill
  5. by   dlzk123
    Thank you for your valuable suggestions.I have no demands currently ,even less salary also i will accept it.But no one is responding in a positive way ,only email that you have not selected for this post.I have good experience in OR and got appreciations from dept.I have attended only one interview it was very good and he did not responded.I think I have applied in all hospitals.I dont know where should i apply again.thank u once again
  6. by   out2years
    Have you considered other areas of nursing m/s, neuro, to just get in the hospital and perhaps transfer to OR or cardiac tele floor.
  7. by   dlzk123
    I tried out of my experienced department.No one gave me a job with experience then, is there any chance in other department without experience?Please let me know
  8. by   JillRRN
    I know for a fact that almost all hospitals hire new grads with NO experience into medsurg all the time. Go to careerbuilder and every other online job sites and just apply for everything. You never know who is desperate and gets you app at just the right time. Persistance is key. Also check craigslist. Good luck!:spin:
  9. by   cicatrixx15
    Did you ever find a job?
  10. by   ghillbert
    What is your immigration status? Do you have a greencard? Are you making it clear to prospective employers that they don't have to sponsor a visa?
  11. by   dlzk123
    I know its too late to reply.I got a job in a hospital which has 23 operating room ,2 CVOR rooms .its been 3 years now .They offered me good pay and happy now.Thank you all for your reply.
    @ghillbert,I have a green card.
  12. by   flyfarfaraway
    I'm glad you found something!

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