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If you are an RN but want to go back for BSN, do you do extra clinicals? I would actually want to because I have been out of the work force for about 6years and could us the practice.


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It depends on the program you are looking into. Every school is different, some require a couple clinicals and others do not. If you want clinicals just call around and compare prices on the programs that require it.

klone, MSN, RN

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They often require some type of public health practicum, but generally not official clinicals like what you did in nursing school. Most of the time the figure that you already got your basic nursing skills in when you did your ADN program. Most of the classes in the ADN-BSN program are theory-type classes.

classicdame, MSN, EdD

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My program did not have direct patient care clinicals. Community Health required us to create a virtual nurse clinic, and we had to interview people in the community as to need, location, etc. The higher the degree the more emphasis on analysis and integration of the skills you already possess.

Some do, some don't. My state-uni-B&M program many years ago required a public health practicum and management/leadership practicum -- but nothing related to basic, bedside nursing practice. The whole point of the BSN-completion programs is that all the students are licensed, practicing RNs ...

Altra, BSN, RN

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Have you looked at the RN-BSN curricula of schools that interest you?


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In fall I will be precepting a BSN completion student for a community/public health kind of clinical. It won't be task oriented like the RN clinicals, as previous posters have mentioned. I expect the student to be proficient and independent in all the usual tasks.


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