Can't land an interview.. what am I doing wrong?

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I was an LPN for a few years and I recently earned my RN. I've always seemed to have trouble finding jobs though. The two places I did work, someone that worked there already helped me get in. Most of the time I apply I do not hear back, and the few interviews I've had I hear nothing back. I've done very well at the jobs I've worked at, or so I've been told. I know a major weakness I've mine is being shy, which comes off bad in interviews but on the floor and working I feel in my element and I'm much more outgoing. Besides that I can not figure out what I am doing wrong. I've had multiple people look over my resume, including nursing professors at school. I'm just getting really discouraged at this point. Any advice or tips? I'm very receptive to constructive criticism!

Do you feel like anonymizing and posting your resume and cover letter? You are welcome to do so, and people might provide useful feedback.

If you aren't getting called for interviews, that would be a reasonable starting point.

No one can help if you don't post your resume.

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No one can help if you don't post your resume.

...except if it's more the shyness issue instead of the resume.

You did say you landed some interviews, yes?

Have you done some mock/practice interviews at a career center? Maybe they could give you some pointers about compensating for the shyness during the real deal...

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Are you applying to jobs you are not quite qualified for? Or do you definitely have top notch qualifications for all the jobs you are seeking? For example, if you are a new grad ADN and are applying for jobs with employers who prefer BSN's, that could be the reason. Or perhaps you are applying for jobs that want experienced RN's only. etc. If you are not getting many interviews, maybe you are being screened out early in the process because your credentials are not exactly what the employer is looking for.

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The level of your education, where you live, how you present your information and what you are applying for all play in here. Are you applying to new grad positions? Though you were an experienced LVN, most hospitals do not "count" LVN experience when it comes to experienced RN jobs. Some areas of the country are just really saturated with new grads and you may have to branch out and apply to positions other than hospital based. We need more info to help you.

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