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So like anywhere, we have the occasional pt. deliver at home and then come in by ambulance. Our docs have decided that they now have 8 hrs to come see these pts. To make it worse our assistant manager agrees. Syre because it will never affect her, working days shift. I'm sorry but since when is it my job to assess the perineum and check the placenta and all that? ITS NOT! And doesnt the pt. deserve to be seen by their own doctor right away?!

It was also mentioned that the ER doc could stitch up a tear. How often do they stitch up perineal lacs, or vaginal wall lacs, etc. I wouldnt let an ER doc near me for that.

So what are the policies at your guys hospitals?

I plan on just saying I can't tell if they have any tears and you need to come, if this ever happens to me.

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I wonder if risk mgmt would agree w/ your NM.

I am kind of spoiled, in that if we have a home delivery that comes in, the residents are there 24/7.

I agree w/ you, this does not sound fair nor safe.


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I work in a teaching hospital. If we have a BOA, they go straight to a labor room to be evaluated. Also, they infant is evaluated. Of course, we have residents 24/7. But, if she delivers at home, why is there a change in the standard of care. I would ask risk management also. If something goes bad, it doesn't matter where she delivered if she is now a patient.

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I'll bet the ED docs have a problem with this as well.

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"I am kind of spoiled, in that if we have a home delivery that comes in, the residents are there 24/7. "

Here too.

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We don't have residents but even my poorly ran facility, if we get a home birth, the doctor comes right in to see them and do a quick eval, fix what needs fixin', etc..... Our peds will also come in if we call.

I second (or third or fourth) the idea of risk management. I'm assuming this patient is admitted to *someone's* service and so therefore I think *someone* should see and assess them (you know, a doctor, the people that get PAID to do this stuff). :smackingf


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I wonder, what does you Manager have to say does she agree with the asst manager as well?----

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