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Here is my issue. I have 23 years of very strong and diversified ICU/CCU/Intermediate Care experience. I left the field for 6 years. I came back and finished a RN refresher course at the end of June. I did exceptionally well in the course. My preceptor told me following my clinical section that I was very much ready to go back to nursing and into ICU. He stated you are ready! It made me realize that I had really not forgotten anything. My wife and I live in Washington state. There is a very large number of nurses job hunting and few jobs. It is a hospital employer's market for sure. The hiring atmosphere is cold and indifferent for the most part. No one wants to hire here unless you have current experience. There are nurse residency programs here but very far and few have openings. I even saw a job posting for ICU that said you had to have at least a year of ICU experience for the residency! Crazy. With my experience I know I am v=better qualified than a large number of nurses working in ICU's here.I have considered traveling but you have to have at least 6 months current clinical experience before travel agencies will talk to you. .....I am stuck!!!!

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Skagit valley hospital in Mount Vernon just hired a friend who is a new grad. It's approx 1.5 hrs north of Seattle.

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What area of WA state do you live in?

I am starting an ICU refresher course at Kootenai Medical Center, in Coeur d'Alene, ID, next month.

Contact the Human Resources Department: Jim Hansan, RN, MSN, is the Supervisor, New Grads and Nursing Students: 208- 666- 3375 (office). He is very helpful.

Kootenai is a magnet facility. I have always heard wonderful things about them.

Hope that helps!

Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN

Someplace in the PACNW

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I live in Bellevue which is east of Seattle about 10-15 minutes. I would love to be able to commute to work each day versus getting a place to rent away from my home (I am married).

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Mount Vernon would be a good 2 hour drive for me in Bellevue. I would do it as a last resort, though if they are willing to pay me a good salary+ benefits.

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I happily welcome any good/realistic ideas. Thanks all for your input. :o) - Search Jobs, Post Rs, Career Resources

This covers all of WA (but of course not all jobs are listed here) but many are since it is a free site.

Best wishes!

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