Canadian MAR


I had a pt treated in a canadian hospital and from their returned to the Uk

I glanced thoug the canadian nursng documention shift flow sheets and MAR

i noted their were interdisclinapry notes(are these MDT notes?) and a tick sheet with dates and ref to pt, ot, sl etc

The mar was generated bya GE sytem and looks kinda similar to our temporay drug cards from electronic drug card wards

oh instead of 75mg asprin te does was 81mg of asa

oh i was glad to see uk drug names not brans

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recently bought some Aspirin here in Canada and noticed dose was 81mg. Some drug names will be the same although at the moment can't comment on how the documentation looks


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Yup ASA (as they call aspirin here) is 81mg for the low dose. They are supposed to use generic names for drugs - which at least the computer generated charts we have do - so it's quite easy. Although I have got used to some brands - they are less to write on IV bags!! :-) eg Zofran is way quicker to write than ondansetron!

We call our electronic drug chart eMAR but no-one here that I've asked this evening can tell me what the MAR stands for!! :-)

We use Multidisciplinary charting (which is generally for charting with exception - ie something wrong/back from surgery etc) but the docs still use their own sheets sometimes. We also use flowsheets which are quick records we keep every shift to detail ADLs/treatments/bowel movts etc. Otherwise we're pretty much fully computerised here in Alberta (Calgary) at any rate.


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At my hospital everything is logged straight onto the computer. The print out can be triggered to report for the last 24 hours or longer.

It records date, time, drug, dose, route, and various reasons as to why the drug might have been held.