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canadian in crna program

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Dear Brier

I am a Canadian nurse who is currently enrolled in a CRNA program at Mayo Clinic.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about Visa Status, green cards etc.

I look forward to chatting

I'm also a Canadian. Just finishing up my first year.

Hey, I am a Canadian working in California as an RN and am very interested in becoming a CRNA. I will probably not apply for another 3 or so years (since I have to complete my initial Med-Surg contract, about another year, before I can get ICU experience), but I was wondering about all that green card, permanent residency stuff and how that influences costs, admissions,etc. I did all of my undergrad. nursing and science stuff in Canada, do they accept everything equally as an American University? Also, exactly what science courses are they looking at for the gpa? I did an undergrad. in science/engineering, but realized engineering was not for me once I got my science degree, so some of my calculus and engineering classes are pretty low, but my general chemistry/biochemistry/organic chemistries/anatomy & physiology marks are above a 3.5. I am just afraid they will see my transcripts and see how low some of those mathematics (e.g. calculus) and physics classes are. Thanks!

I saw the other day on google news that Ontario is considering Nurse Anesthesia practice due to the threatened strike by MDAs at the end of the month.

Also saw that MDB....probably just empty threats by the provincial government, but you never know. Interesting times...

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Also saw that MDB....probably just empty threats by the provincial government' date=' but you never know. Interesting times...[/quote']

Are all you Canadians who hope to CRNA school planning to stay in the states or do you believe that you will have a future in Canada.? I can't understand how Canada can afford NOT to have CRNA/s.

I had never heard of CRNAs in Canada. We also don't use CNMs and I think we use NPs less as well. It's one area where I wish Canada would follow the US's lead.

Wow, with socialized health care I would think Canada would have expanded roles for "midlevel" providers.

Socialized health care is just an American buzzword. The management of the system is very similar to the way the US system is managed and docs in Canada have just as much power as docs in the US.

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