George Brown PN 2017-2018

  1. So, now that the semester is over, I was wondering if anyone from all nurses is still active on the site from George Brown's PN program or any other Ontario School, and wanted to discuss semesters 2, 3, & 4, and how they went for you. I'm starting my second semester pretty soon, really happy to finally have the first one over with after the strike that happened! If you are in your 3rd or 4th semester, what would you say has been your greatest challenge? Was the end of the program what you thought it would be? I'm so happy to finally be moving on from taking 9 courses at a time, & to be learning different and new things I definitely have some useful info for anyone who is starting their first semester and wants to avoid falling into certain traps like I did (ie. not knowing where the textbook list was at first) let's talk about it! Everyone is welcome
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    Hi again!! Congrats on making it to semester 2. How did you find semester 1? With the strike, and less weeks, I hope this semester isn't too stressful for you. I remember it feeling very heavy and being super stressed out, especially around week 4/5 - whenever the first patho test was, I remember there being a lot due that week.

    I just finished semester 3 and am now in semester 4. Semester 3 was my best yet (GPA of 3.9). I'm thinking it's because of the strike and having way more time to study and the teachers going a little bit easier on us. I don't have too much advice for semester 3, except to just stay on top of everything (lame I know). There are a lot of group assignments (Professions of Nursing, Critical Enquiry, and Health Assessment). The groups for Professions and Critical are with your clinical group, so make sure you become friends with them, and Health Assessment you make your group. I would strongly recommend starting the assignments as early as possible (you'll thank yourself for it). Things start off pretty slow but build up toward the end. Theres not much else I could say... Study for that first health assessment test a lot, I think the class average was a 60%. I know a lot of people that failed. Luckily theres a lot of ways to make up that class so everyone who failed the first test ended up with an OK mark.

    Try not to miss any lab classes.. they are hard to make up.
  7. by   Sun-shining
    I would gladly take any advice that you would have for anyone in semester one. I am prepping for three midterms and an assignment right now! Between Pharma, Lifespan, and Clinical Practice Lecture which did you find to be the most difficult?