Centennial College Flex RPN Winter 2018 - page 3

Hi All!!! I've been accepted and will be starting the Practical Nursing Flex Program at Centennial College in January 2018. Just wanted to know if anyone else has been accepted into the program or... Read More

  1. by   kim1l
    The bridging information session is 9am-12pm in room 203
  2. by   princess_nurse2b
  3. by   kitkat4025
    I hope to meet you all at the orientation tomorrow!
  4. by   princess_nurse2b
    Me too!!!! I will be attending the bridging tomorrow at 9-12 and the orientation afterwards!!! Would be nice to meet everyone who will be attending.
  5. by   nursingsee
    Yeah. I keep checking the ecentennial access to see if they posted anything. I wanted to print everything ahead of time and be extra prepared.
  6. by   princess_nurse2b
    Me too. I'm taking occupational health and safety online. I'm thinking they may wait until next week to upload the syllabus.
  7. by   princess_nurse2b
    I now have access to Occupational Heath and Safety and Anatamy and Physiology on eCentennial. Syllabus and material are posted
  8. by   nurse2bveraa
    Hey, could you tell me what kind of questions we asked for the biology and chemistry section of the admission test. I have been studying but I don't feel confident in chem and bio.

    Thank you
  9. by   Twinkiie
    has anyone in the flex first semester program done the first anatomy and physiology test in professor * class? how was it and what should i expect? thanks
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  10. by   princess_nurse2b
    It's next week and there's a term test review that she provided us with regarding the test
  11. by   Twinkiie
    thank you for the advice Joanna. My endocrine system and nervous system test is coming up. Any advice on what i should focus mainly on? do you remember how the test was?