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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that... Read More

  1. by   iheartpurple
    it was my high school transcript, resume, unofficial UBC transcript and application.
    UBC transcript will be ready mid august.

    how do i check my bcit account.. do i have a bcit email now?
  2. by   Chhun3
    Do you have an account for MYBCIT? You are required to have a student number and a password. They should send you a letter with your student number if you do not have it now. Once you are logged in, to the right of the page "online self service" will provide you with the information of your account, application, personal information etc. Above that there is an icon "email & calender" where you can check the messages that BCIT has sent you. Also, there is a section "myCommunication" under online self service that is important. They will send you messages/info about your application. Hope that helps.
  3. by   iheartpurple
    I followed those directions and got it all sorted out! Thanks a bunch for that.

    So excited! one deadline has passed so now just one more (aug 31) and
    then they can start reviewing applications! (am I correct on this process timeline?)

    does anyone know the soonest they start short-listing?
  4. by   itsjmh
    i received an email today in my BCIT email, advising winter 2013 is full and closed and they are not accepting any applicants at all. i am assuming they had enough from august 2012 and filled it immediately? i have an application opened for spring/summer 2013 under my communication, but i was under the impression, they only have a fall and winter intake. did anyone else receive this email? what does that mean?
  5. by   dog_prints
    Could it be you missed the deadline? That's strange cuz I just checked and I didn't get that an email like that. (I hope I am not speaking too soon) :S

    But I spoke with the program advisor lady on July 18, she said the admissions dept was just starting to go through the applications they received from May.
  6. by   itsjmh
    My application and documents were submitted on time. I have emailed and called and noone is getting back to me. One assistant responded to an email and said they received my application but it's closed and full and they've set up an application for me starting in September 2013. I was waitlisted for August 2012 and was not offered a seat but was told I could reapply for January 2013. Noone will explain to me why my application for January is not being considered. Has this happened to anyone else? I am quite upset and frustrated.
  7. by   Chhun3

    Hi, I haven't received a message that mentioned that the program is full and closed. I applied on the 1st day when registration was open. I have only provided proof of my high school marks, nothing else. That sucks that no one is responding to you. Did they send you that message in communications of mybcit?
  8. by   smiley65
    HI itsjmh

    Applications for the January intake will be accepted from:

    • May 1 of the previous year until July 15*
    The application deadline is July 15. No applications can be accepted after this date. The deadline for completion of all academic prerequisites and submission of all documentation is August 31.*

    Applications for the August intake will be accepted from:
    • October 1 of the previous year until December 15*
    The application deadline is December 15. No applications can be accepted after this date. The deadline for completion of all academic prerequisites and submission of all documentation is January 31*
    Note: Applications are considered for a specific intake. This program does not carry a wait list into the next intake.
    *Or next business day

    I hope this helps. Generally they have about 600-800 applicants per intake, so when they say it's "full", its because they will certainly find 96 great candidates from that pool. Applicants from previous intakes do not get rolled over to the new intake, you must re apply each time unless you defer your seat. The deadline for consideration for Jan intake 2013 was July 16 (MON) so your application may have been received after that date. You said that you were wait listed for Aug 2012 but not offered a seat? That means that you would be required to resubmit another application for Jan 2013 if you wanted to be considered, by the deadline of July 15 (16 this time). If your application was received after that date, they may have automatically put you into the pool for the Aug 2013 intake.
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  9. by   smiley65

    strap yourself in for a LONG wait For my intake -Jan 2012 no one was shortlisted until Oct 27 ish. I applied in May! so that is a Looooong wait.....I must have checked my "mycommunications" at least 1000 times....good luck!
  10. by   sourpickle93
    Oh great! This is going to be great since I'm an EXTREMELY impatient person lol
  11. by   smiley65
    hahaha.. ah yes, the waiting game begins you will learn patience....or you will go crazy try to keep yourself busy. I recommend the kaplan voices nursing books. They are collections of personal nursing stories and can be pretty inspiring. If you haven't already, maybe sign up for "student for a day" so you can follow one of the Nursing students around, review anatomy...
  12. by   sourpickle93
    Thankyou for the advice lol! I would love to go on a long vacation and come back at around the time they will start short listing. I will definitely look into the Kaplan voices nursing books though, sounds very interesting!
    Btw Smiley What level are you in currently?
  13. by   smiley65
    mmmmmm vacay..... I am going into level 2. Just had a break from May 16 to Aug 20. I did all of my self scheduled courses before I started, so only had 1 class this summer! I CAN'T WAIT to get back at it!