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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that... Read More

  1. by   smiley65
    Hi sourpickle
    I was on cnsa as well, then one day our whole thread vanished. No one was able to explain it, or to recover it for us! So I came over here. Are you applying for January as well?
  2. by   sourpickle93
    Oh no that's horrible yet strange ...hmmm...well now you can always post on here
    And yes! I am apply for the january 2013 intake and I'm so desperately determined to get in. I just have a question for you smiley, I've ben told that there's a nursing instructor at VGH and apparently she gives hard times to the nursing students and she fails you easily if you're not perfect in your work, have you come across anyone like that? God forbid you don't tht's just what I heard and I think it's unfair because students work hard and they pay alot of money to get the best kind of education and support. Not to be treated like that just by some instructor..
  3. by   smiley65
    Determination is so important, especially once you are in the program. None of my instructors have ever been mean. The instructor you have for your clinical placement is hired through BCIT, not through the hospital, and so there are very specific guidelines that they have to follow. We, as student Nurses, have specific outcomes that we need to meet in order to move forward in the program, but those expectations are outlined very clearly for each course. There are some less than friendly Nurses in the clinical setting, but that's normal for any type of work. I guess some instructors might come across as demanding or mean, but they understand the importance of patient safety, and practicing competent care. As student's, we practice under our instructors licence, so if mistakes are made, guess who is accountable...As far as an instructor failing you if you are not perfect, this sounds a bit extreme. After our initial assessment course, 1 person didn't pass. She was continually making errors related to patient safety and was talked to many times. The expectation is clinical is not that you are perfect, but that you are safe and that you improve. Also that you are accountable and honest if you do make a mistake. Thankfully my clinical instructor has been amazing! She definitely challenges us, but in a very supportive way.
  4. by   Fiona59
    Nursing instructors are hired by your educational institution and they are usually assigned to a hospital that they have worked in because they know the routine of the units, the paperwork involved, the surgeries on the unit you are assigned to.

    Nurses on the floor aren't your instructors. They aren't paid when they are buddied with a student and spend their shift answering your questions and checking your work. You work under your instructor's license but the RN or LPN who is assigned the same patients as you are responsible for them. We have to know that the meds are given, the dressings changed, the assessments done. We have to assess the patients, exam the dressing, etc in order to be able to verify your charting. Bear in mind some of us have had students who have caused issues on the unit.

    It's very rare for a student to be failed in my area. We've had students drop out of nursing school after finding out just how physical and dirty the job can be. I remember my med surge rotation. My instructor was a perfectionist. Seven of us went to one unit. Only four of us returned to college to finish our education.

    I have had co-workers go to be instructors, not all are suited for it. They require a degree but no formal adult eduation course background. It's a shame because some of the RNs who have diplomas or were hospital educated would do a far better job, but ultimately, it's the degree that matters.
  5. by   sourpickle93
    That's good to hear ! Thaks for the info you guys...
  6. by   yohane
    Hi Smiley65,
    Great work balancing school, work and kid!! I also wanted to thank you for always participating the posts. Last time for the Jan 2012 intake I often read your thread and it was interesting. But at that time I did not participate in the discussion but instead was a voyeur. This time I am more active and find it interesting and mutually beneficial. I found out today that I can start Nursing at BCIT in Aug. I was wondering if you would be interested in selling me the texts you will not need for level 2. I don't worry about the condition of the book as long as you it wil get me through the term.
  7. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Quote from yohane
    Hi Smiley65,
    I was wondering if you would be interested in selling me the texts you will not need for level 2. I don't worry about the condition of the book as long as you it wil get me through the term.
    Just a gentle reminder... Any such arrangements must be made in private, and not here in the thread. Remember that the Terms of Service don't allow the buying or selling of any goods or services.
  8. by   yohane
    Oh! Sorry about that I forgot about the conditions. Statement retracted. Yohane.
  9. by   greys03
    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. Decided to join because all it looks like some great advice is being passed around!

    I'm currently in my second year at Langara College and was looking into apply into BCITs bsn program this coming May. I'm aware of the prerequisites required for entry into the program. Some of my courses from Langara, such as the 6 credits for psych do transfer, but others do not. My english for example, does not transfer to bcits Eng 1177. I have found an equivalent course at Langara and plan to take it in the fall.

    As for the liberal courses, I have not completed them. Is my only option taking them as part time studies at bcit over the summer? They are quite expensive, about $700 each. I do have volunteer experience, i have volunteered at vancouver general hospital for 2 years now and prior to that I volunteered at a seniors care facility.

    Is anyone else planning on applying for bcits bsn january intake? Does anyone have any advice for me regarding whether or not to apply this coming May?

    Opinions and are always appreciated!
  10. by   Chhun3

    I plan on applying for the Jan intake too. There are 7 courses you can take prior to applying. Eng 1177, Libs 7001, 7002, Psych 1101, 1102, and two 200 level psych courses or sociology courses. Completing these courses before you apply strengthens your application. I think you can only take the libs courses at bcit, they are very expensive. Volunteer or work experience seems like a must for qualified applicants. How many credits do you have? The minimum is 30 but they recommend 60 in order to be a competitive applicant.
  11. by   smiley65
    They have recently (as in my intake-Jan 2012) decided to accept some other courses for the ethics and writing courses.( Thats 7001 and 7002) I wish I knew that would happen because they are VERY expensive. So if you have an ethics course or a university writing course I recommend having them evaluated before you register for the Libs. And just a correction to the above statement....The 7 courses include 2 psych or sociology (or 1 of each) libs 7001 and 7002 (or equivalent) Eng 1177 (or equivalent) and 2 200 level (or higher) LIB ELECTIVES....these can be in many different subjects, including women studies, philosophy, and many more.
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  12. by   aburns7
    has anyone heard anything from bcit since sending in references and letters of intent?
  13. by   Panda82
    Hi guys!

    I will also be applying to the January 2013 intake. I am really excited to get this going!

    I have been reading through the threads related to BCIT for a few months now and I have found a lot of the feedback very helpful especially from you, smiley65. Were you by any chance at the BCIT open house in April?

    I may have read it somewhere, but what kind of work experience, schooling, etc. did you have when applying to BCIT smiley65? I would also appreciate other responses to this question as well as I am really curious about the backgrounds of the people who were successful in obtaining a spot at BCIT.

    A little about me:

    Bachelor of Arts from SFU (courses include the 6 credits of psychology, and many other courses I have taken relate to the LIBS electives so I am hoping to have these credited) with a decent GPA
    I've been a crisis line worker for a year and a half and have over 160 hours on the lines. I also aid in training new volunteers and have been doing this since January of this year.
    I also volunteer at a hospital and spend a lot of time interacting one on one with patients.
    Also just recently completed Bio 12
    In regards to work experience, I've only ever had entry level jobs while in school but my current job does focus quite a bit on pet nutrition and health. I've had to acquire quite a bit of knowledge regarding supplements, medication (only medication that can be sold at a store level), and pet food.

    I'm currently doing everything I can to strengthen my application so hopefully my hard work will pay off!

    Has anyone completed and handed in their application yet? I don't know exactly when I'll be handing in my application but I'm gearing for the end of June.