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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that... Read More

  1. by   iheartpurple
    I am guessing they would give you extra time to complete such documents? Perhaps email the bcit email that they told us to email if we had any questions once we were shortlisted and ask if you reapply for August do you give up your spot on the waitlist? Or do you know this is true already?

    I super hope I get that phone call.. I still wonder how many people are in the "top of the hold list"... I think there was three at least on here, then vana deferred until August. Anyone else been "top hold listed?" And anyone else who has been accepted thinking of deferring? I just want to have some insight into the chances of actually getting a phone call.

    Simburger, I haven't heard of that personally.. But I don't know how that would work if it is nursing courses you take... How can a bachelor degree prepare you for nursing school? It would be interesting to know about any courses one could take that would take off time at BCIT...
  2. by   memegumi
    If you apply for August now, then means you give up your spot on the waitlist. If you plan to apply for the August intake, just remember not to do it at the very last minute because you need to call the admission officer to remove you from the waitlist first before you can apply.
  3. by   Nursinghopeful1234
    In the email it said if you are not offered a seat for jan u must reapply by dec 15 for aug 2013
  4. by   smiley65
    If you have been offered a guaranteed spot for August (CONGRATS!) , I would just sit tight and see what happens. Be prepared to start short notice, go to the orientation if you were invited, schedule your CPR (1 day course) because you need it anyways. Fit testing takes 15 minutes and the criminal record search takes very little time as well. If you decide to re-apply, you do give up your spot on the hold list.....if you decide to stay on the hold list and you haven't received the email stating your spot is guaranteed, make sure you don't miss the deadline for the next intake

    I think if you are not "top of the hold list", then you have to reapply if you don't hear anything before Dec 15. Those that are on the top spot are guaranteed a spot (as stated in the email) so don't have to re apply
    76 sounds like a pretty big number for that list.

    As far as finishing sooner....It is possible to enter the BSN program in level 3 if you are already an RPN...which would allow you to finish in 1.5-2 years... The other courses that may be able to be challenged are the science courses-patho, microbiology, immunology.....However challenging these courses would only give spare time during each level as you would still have to do the required clinical hours/nursing courses with your intake. You can't challenge PBL or clinical techniques, or communications...etc. So I don't think it's possible. Finishing the self scheduled courses in advance will free up time in the summer and I think you are familiar with which courses those are.
    congrats to all of you for making it through the big wait so far.
  5. by   memegumi
    @ smiley65... If they call me in mid-Dec and offer me a spot in January, and if I think this is too short of a notice and decide to turn them down, will I still be in the August intake?
  6. by   smiley65
    If you were notified that you have a guaranteed spot for August then I think so yes, but if you were not given that email, then you would have to apply again....
    I am not sure how the whole thing works for sure....but this is my guess.
  7. by   SIMBURGER
    I deferred for August as well! I hope you get that phone call too!
    I've actually heard of it from multiple people, but I don't get how it will work because everything seems to be split up into levels.
  8. by   pippa20
    I was put on the holdlist for this past August, I got a call from BCIT about five days before the August cohort started, so therefore it can be very short notice. I was able to deffer for this January as I live outsie of Vancouver and could not sort out my life in 5 days. So for those of you on the holdlist, you could be offered a seat late in the game. For everyone else I am excited to go to the orientation and meet you guys on the 13th.

    Question has anyone started a facebook group yet? It would be great to have one to try and get intouch with more people who have been accepted.
  9. by   BulmaBriefs
    I wonder how many people have been deferred for August? There seems to be many people...it doesn't seem quite right to me. I am going to call and find out today.
  10. by   iheartpurple
    Hay Pippa, were you in top of the hold list where you had been guaranteed to be in for this jan if you didn't take August? Or were you just on the hold list? 5 days before.. That's crazy!
  11. by   blondie85
    Hi Pippa20,My name is Jessica and I was wondering the same thing as you... I can't seem to find a FBI group so I am creating one myself. Can you please send me your email address so that I can add you? Thanks! Jessica
  12. by   blondie85
    Ps if anyone else would like to join the Facebook group, please give me your email address and once it is up and running I will let everyone here know!
  13. by   Panda82
    Quote from BulmaBriefs
    I wonder how many people have been deferred for August? There seems to be many people...it doesn't seem quite right to me. I am going to call and find out today.
    Let us know what you find out!