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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that... Read More

  1. by   iheartpurple
    Oooh. I see it from a different light now. I don't feel as scared now

    I've handed in my references!! It took 20 seconds from when I sat down to the help desk to when I got up to go!! I can't beleive it is almost here! I have this little hope that we could hear before the 6th.. it is supposed to be at the latest Nov 6 right?
    If my logic is correct then in five to ten days we will all have answers!!!
    *fingers and toes crossed*
  2. by   careubc
    I know! I would imagine it will take them until the end to send us an answer. I'm thinking Monday the 5th or Tuesday the 6th. SO close.
  3. by   iheartpurple
    That is what I think too. What do you think about the idea that maybe they have people presorted and depending on references they get moved or left in a previously determined group and then they take an x number of groups. Or do you think they go from scratch? I want to imagine it isn't by lottery, also I can't imagine at the same time because I don't see why they would have us all go and get references and submit them if they were just going to choose from a hat! I think speculating is a normal way to deal with the whole process, at least I hope it is.

    I had a troubling experience last week. A mature nursing student was talking to me about the BCIT program and she was rather aggressive to point out that in her opinion BCIT does a lottery. I got upset that she had for one, such strong negative feelings to the program I have high hopes for and two, that I had met her that day, within that hour in fact and she was already being very "in my face." I was a bit scared that this student is going to be taking her RN exam within 5 months and she gave me a horrible feeling. I don't want to say her school cause I am raising a point about which school is better. I am raising a point about someone who is going to be a nurse and she gave off such an aggressive demeanor. Also, she made me feel like I needed to stand up for BCIT in the way she down-talked the program. I don't think anyone should down-talk another program. Each is good enough to be allowed to produce RN's! It was just so unsettling. I was friendly toward her as I am with anyone new I meet.
  4. by   vana_
    I got my references in on tuesday so I hope they will let us know soon!!! I hate being soo anxious!
    As far as the lottery system goes I'd like to think that it's not a lottery system. With asking for references they clearly want to make sure that those they shortlisted not only are capable of becoming future RNs but they need to get support from employers or volunteer coordinators that believe the shortlisted candidates will make not only great RNs but amazing ones. At the same time I feel that for those that are shortlisted and don't make it, they will the next time around.
  5. by   carelesswhisper
    Is there a BCIT facebook group yet for this Class - Jan 2013?
  6. by   smiley65
    It's definately not a lottery. It would happen alot faster if it was. Her attitude could be attributed to the fact that she didn't get in to Bcit? People should avoid speaking about programs that they didn't actually attend, so try not worry. Everyone that is in the program/grad says only great stuff about it. In every job there will be people who try to put you down, keep your chin up and be confident that YOU will never be that nurse
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  7. by   iheartpurple
    Quote from smiley65
    In every job there will be people who try to put you down, keep your chin up and be confident that YOU will never be that nurse
    That is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much, you don't even know.

    four to nine days everyone!!
  8. by   blondie85
    I was just wondering if there was anyway to confirm that they have received our reference letters? I haven't received an email or update in my account.
  9. by   Nursinghopeful1234
    I was wondering the same thing! I've been soo anxious lately about this whole process, I just wanna know! I wanted to ask does anyone know someone who got accepted their first attempt? It looks like many people have had to apply a few times. This is my first time applying to bcit I was short listed but I guess I'm just anxious and nervous!
  10. by   careubc
    blondie85 - I would doubt they will be doing that because it seems like more work on an already extremely heavy workload. I thought about that as well but I trust that it will be sent to the right place from the admissions office.

    iheartpurple - I also imagine they have the files in some order of preference right now and that the references are just to help make some final touches - maybe take some files out of the running if they have poor references etc. We shall see...
  11. by   careubc
    What did you apply with Nursinghopeful1234?
    I think the people who were accepted on their first try likely had more of a developed application - A degree, lots of volunteer work, life experience etc. I would imagine those that had to apply a few times first applied when they had fewer than 60 credits and not much experience. That's my guess anyway.
  12. by   blondie85
    That's what I thought... I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't the only one who hadn't received notification. I thought about emailing them, but they have a ton of work to do so I don't think it's a good idea!
  13. by   Nursinghopeful1234
    My gpa is around 3.0, I applied with 49 post secondary credits, I have 145 volunteer hours and I've been working as a community support worker the last 7months... So idk lots of ppl have much higher gpa than me, I have no idea what they are looking at. I was planning to upgrade some classes cuz I really wasn't expecting to be short listed! Glad I am though!