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Hi everyone, Im an Irish nurse preparing for the CRNEs for February 2012 in Toronto. Didnt see any thread for this exam in February, so thought id start one. How is everyone preparing? Im using the... Read More

  1. by   nsnurse1
    Thanks SupernurseRN-I too am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the results in NS so I'm glad to see an update on our end of the country---fingers crossed that we alllllllllll hear back soon. The wait is torture-I saw a thread with a few Americans complaining that their results were late after 48 hours and annoyed, as they were so anxious....I had to chuckle... Wait 4-6 weeks and you really feel how stressful it is! Can you work soon? Tell work you're done because you didn't pass?? Jump for the sky with joy that you have? Able to pay the bills if unsuccessful? Ahhhhh-will be happy to see this chapter of life end (I hope) hahaha
  2. by   poppydog3
    Hi, i sat in PEI, anyone else sit theirs there?? I feel for sure have failed, as the actual exam felt far harder than the test ones i did at home!! Am sure the results will be very soon now, then at least we`ll know, i can then move on from this. Good luck to everyone!! Fingers crossed for good news!!
  3. by   SupernurseRN
    Any news from other provinces?
  4. by   Lols ireland
    does anyone know if international people that sat the exam get their results later than everyone else because they need to be posted?thanks
  5. by   poppydog3
    Hi Lols, i am an IEHP also, and sat in PEI, i have emailed ARNPEI to ask and they say they have no results as yet, but they are due by the end of the week and that they are posted back out to candidates the same day! Fingers crossed they`re here soon as am sure we all need to be making decisions!!!
  6. by   SupernurseRN
    If they gonna send it friday of this week, we will gonna receive it on Monday after. Im nervous....
  7. by   ihuu
    Anyone have any news about the result. Can't wait cos am very nervous now.
  8. by   nsnurse1
    Nothing yet I called the CRNNS yesterday and they have not yet received results yet-I hope it's any day though! I assume CARNA will be the first---any AB members hear anything yet??
  9. by   PiRN
    As the college for RN in PEI said that the results are due this week. Does anyone here called their respective colleges regarding an update of the results? I'm so nervous, I hope to cut this burden and passed the exam...
  10. by   nsnurse1
    CRNE results are in for NS!!! They told me they expect to be mailed out today-suspect Monday or Tuesday we should know!!!
  11. by   PiRN
    yay! im having goosebumps.. thanks for the update... keep coming guys..
  12. by   lizziem

    reading your posts with interest as i am also an IEN hoping to find work in the ontario area that is once i sit and pass the CRNE in july, not good to hear the lack of jobs available. I to have 20years expereince which i hope will help me get a job.
  13. by   718077
    i wonder if same goes with the other provinces... i sure hope so..

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