how can this work???


:madface: hy @all!

I did a lot of Mosby CAT test's and found out, that when I did only 75 questions, where I had 28 wrong I got 94% of passing!

And the next time I did the 75 questions, with 30 wrong answers I had a 50% chance????

I don't understand the princip of the CAT.... maby I'to dump.......:uhoh21:

anyway, my test is on oct, 12th and i know, that all the good things are the 3rd TIME!!!:jester:

so, have a good one!!



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I do not like it either, it is outdated, if you read at the bottom, it says 2003

thank's, for answering so fast!

I read the date 2003, but I did not know, that this is such a big differnce!!!

I was really confident with the beginning! But now I did kaplan questiontrainer again, and I feel also confident!!!

I want to get rid of these monkey on my back!!!

After oct 12th I will know more.....

nice evening!


Hi E,

I'm not sure about that Mosby CAT??? I took it twice and it said I had a 94% chance of passing (first time with 79 questions and the second time with 81 questions) I did notice that the level of difficulty was higher the second time around, maybe that had something to do with the wide % range you got.? I prayed for you, my test is on wed. Best wishes!!!

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Good luck elfchen!!! I personally didn't use Mosby but I just wanted to wish you luck. Kaplan helped a lot when I studied. God Bless.


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I went and bought all these reviewers to prepare for the NCLEX but I didn't even go through more than half of em. LenaRN06 is right about Kaplan though. I found that the tips that the book give on how to tackle the questions helped a lot. That plus the fact that the Kaplan book was the only reviewer I've browsed through that had questions so very similar to the ones I got when I took the NCLEX the other day.

Anyway, good luck :D


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Hello elfchen, guess you've prepared enough for the big day! Best of luck to you mate! Easier said than done but try to relax and take a deep breath once you're there to sit for the exam. You can do it! Sending positive vibes your way ......


I know this may sound unconvincing, but most people I knew who didn't study the day before the exam passed the test!(well, that's what I did, I went to see a friend's dance recital before d-day :p ...) You might want to think about it and do the same, find a diversion. It gets rid of the pressure built up in your system for awhile ( oh the intensity.... the excitement!).


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