can u travel to the same hospital you have been working?

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I worked for columbia presbyterian. I quit my job to travel and i want to travel first in NYC before I go down to other states. My recruiter told me about Cornel Presbyterian. Though different hospitals they are under the same company. Can I take assignment there?



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Unless the facility itself has a restriction on this there should be no reason why you can't do this as it is in a different area of the country than your previous job.

Most hospitals do, however, have a restriction on taking a travel position in the SAME facility as you worked as staff.

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IT used to be 1 year before doing a contract at the former place of employment. That is another reason not to burn Bridges behind you.

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You shouldn't have a problem. I was staff at Cornell for several years, quit, then came back as a traveler a year later for 6 months. My being a former staff nurse there was never an issue.

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I took a travel assignment at a former employer, it had been a little over a year but they actually hired me because I was familiar with their facility and policies and computer systems. It was nice to go back to what I had been trained on as it was my first hospital job before I became a traveler. So, it may actually be a selling point to tell them in the interview, you know "I'm familiar with your facility, policies, machines, computer systems, etc". Just a suggestion. Good luck!

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Are you there now? Hope all is well! !I love traveling and hope to do it for many more years.

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