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Can a RN supervisor give report legally to a Lpn supervisor in a private own nursing home

Dogozaly Dogozaly (New) New

After 15 years of Lpn I just graduated with my RN in NYS . I am now working in a 62 bed long term home which is privately owned. My question is they have Lpn as supervisors with a RN "within reach at all times although not on premises" in about 1 month I will be a RN supervisor , and at the end of my shift I will be reporting off to a Lpn is this legal and if something was to happen could it come back on me? I'm very worried and concerned about this .. Please help ... Thanks

sallyrnrrt, ADN, RN

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Give report to the on coming nurse, regardless of credentials.....in LT?c, Lvns are quite capable to be in charge etc

This is pretty standard. You aren't transferring any patients to the LVN/LPN that the LVN/LPN can't handle.

I don't know how many of us simply don't like that these care facilities cut funding by putting a LVN/LPN in places of RNs, or if there is genuinely concern for the patients. I am willing to put a lot of money on the former.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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It is perfectly legal for an RN supervisor to give change-of-shift report to an LPN supervisor prior to leaving the building. Many nursing homes have no RN in the facility on some shifts.

with a RN "within reach at all times although not on premises"
The nursing facility's director of nurses is usually the designated RN who is within reach telephonically at all times.

Thank you . Lvn's are capable and honestly some are more capable then RN 's although I wanted to make sure it's legal d/t I worked very hard for my Degree in NYS.

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I guess it would depend on the BON in that state. I'm an LPN in Louisiana and here in Louisiana the BON states that it is perfectly acceptable for an LPN to be a Charge Nurse and supervises the work of other LPNs and of Nursing Assistants. As the RN Supervisor you are giving report to the LPN Supervisor. You will not be assuming responsibility for the work of the LPN supervisor because you are outgoing. In some states in long term care RN direction is only mandated by phone therefore the DON would be the RN assuming responsibility.

But this is still a gray area to me because there have been instances in my state where an LPN in charge of an LTC facility such as on a night shift failed to act as a responsible nurse she should have been an was required to appear in a disciplinary hearing at a nursing license revocation meeting. I don't remember any supervising RN present at this hearing with her license on the line. Only the LPN.


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