Can a nurse have seizures?

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I was born with epilepsy due to a non-cancerous brain tumor of the right optic never, I’ve had seizures my whole life and they are finally getting under control. I’m only having 1 seizure every week or 2, and they’re usually late in the evening. I want to be a nurse more than anything as I want to help people, but because of the epilepsy could that prevent me from getting employed?

canoehead, BSN, RN

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I think it could be a problem. You have the potential for injury on the job, and for interrupting patient care at a critical moment. If you could be sure that your seizures are always in the evening, and take a day job, maybe...

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I am curious about this. I would hope so and I would think it would be illegal to not hire someone because of epilepsy, or seizure disorder. 

Perhaps personally, one should think about how often or how controlled their seizures are with medications. 

A paraplegic in a wheelchair got a nursing degree within the last few years. Things change. 

If you are interested, you should talk to someone knowledgeable, perhaps the dept. of justice. Especially ask if it could make employment hard, but legally I don't think they can discriminate. 

Best wishes.


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I have Epilepsy also and it is my passion.  I was admitted to Nursing school.  I had a seizure during clinicals  not with a patient but while on break then my whole life changed They found everything I did as wrong and tge teachers were down right mean. I was dismissed from  the Nursing program  saying I was unsafe to patients and anything else they could think of. And trust me  the ADA was no help neither was my Nursing advisor.  So good l Iuck. It's all about  the money.  I was told they had to protect the school. But now I have to find a new career path but hopefully in the Medical field 

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