Can my new employer search my work history?

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Can my new employer search my work history?

I quit my nursing job a couple months ago because of how toxic it was. I don't want to put this job on my resume or work history on my job application when I apply for a new job since I was only working at this facility for a few days. Plus, I don't want them to know I'm hopping from one job to another. My Question is... Can my new employer find out about my work history? Is it safe for me to not mention about some nursing jobs I had in the past?

Don't see how unless provide the information. Can't imagine anything on a background check would come up about a former employer either unless you used someone at the former place of employment as a reference. 

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I quit a job once well in my orientation. I never mentioned it on any other application. As far as I'm concerned, orientation is a two-way street as far as seeing if it's a good fit. You are trying them on for size and they are seeing how you will work.

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Yes, if the prospective employer hires an agency that performs background checks and they use, then they can see you hours, bi-weekly gross pay, and net pay. It won't show why you left but will show job transitions. Remember, its not bad to job hop. Just as the employer says you have to be on a 1 year probationary period (example), you have every right to determine if the employer is a good fit...for you. Hope this helps and good luck!

Very safe not to mention it, especially if you are in an "employee at will" state. I am with Nursing apps  to fill in gaps when I don't want to mention

I can only give you my experience. I quit a job that I was in for six months. I did not give notice. It was BCBS, so a major employer.  I left it off  of my resume. I went on to agency , travel and finally my dream job of utilization review. It never came up .

I don't think your new employer will be doing extensive  search on your employment history. However some employers might want to know what you were doing if there are any gap in your employment history.

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