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Ace587RN, RN

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I work in an area where more gunshots come into our ICU that are self-inflicted.

Does the weapon really make you safer, or is safety an illusion?

people who survived deadly encounters w/ their firearms surely aren't an illusion

Ace587RN, RN

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Specializes in ED.

I carry pepper spray. I was planning to buy a C2 taser, but since ive seen tasers kill people from the news id be more safe with the pepper spray. I have a 9mm handgun also (but i leave it in my car at work), but i try to use the pepper spray and run to any exit before i do anything extreme, and yes, being alert and have the ability to scream them off would be the best first step

Anyone use Kubotans?

AngelfireRN, MSN, RN, APRN

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I don't mess with the spray or the mace. I prefer Old Bessie, aka my 9mm Glock. I'm from the South, however, we have concealed-carry permits, and we USE THEM!

And ditto to the arsenal in the house. You may get in, but I'll guarantee you'll be carried out.

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