Can I take NCLEX in 2 different states?

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Hello Everyone,

Need advice. I just graduated June 2020, from an accredited school in FL with my BSN. Will be recieving my ATT sometime next week. I have an offer in NY for a job, however I plan on practicing in NY for a while, theN moving back to FL and purchase my 1st home in the next few years. I have already applied for the Nurse compact license in FL (because FL is an NLC State). Unfortunately NY is not, so my question is can I take the NCLEX in FL obtain the Multistate, then instead of waiting 6-8 weeks for license endorsement in NY, I can just reapply for licensure for NY and take the NCLEX again in NY to cut the waiting time?? I know this sounds confusing, but I need help on how to go about this the right way. Thank you so much for any help you provide.

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No. If you plan to work in New York and it isn’t a compact state, then you’d need to apply for licensure via NCLEX in that state. There is no way around endorsement if a state is not a compact state. Unless you fail the NCLEX or are applying for advance licensure, the NCLEX is a one-time deal.

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Since you have applied for license in Florida, take NCLEX and get your Florida license. Then apply for a NY license by endorsement. Once you move to NY your Florida license will become a single state since you are moving out of a compact state. You must be living in a compact state in order to have a multi-state license.