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Good evening everyone. I'm feeling a little bit down about the whole process of declaratory orders. I got mine approved from the BON recently however I don't think any nursing school in Texas will even let me enter their program with this. Some say that in my application to include all of this information and they will make a decision... however they mention that they have a negative criminal background check requirement. So it just a back and forth process of not actually knowing if I can even get in. I hope someone can give me a sense of hope, if you live here in Texas and went through the same process. What nursing school you went to? And were they strict on declaratory orders? Mind you my offense was disorderly conduct non-violence having a party at my house "unreasonable noise". I got a no discourse/ sealing of my record. So it only comes back up on fingerprint background not the original name based background check. I'm so worried and so discouraged. Sometimes I feel like there is hope but then I get into a depression. So if any of you have ever been in this situation please let me know what happened to you and if you were able to get into your program.

God bless!

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Moved this thread, and I hope some of our wise and knowledgable members will be able to help you with your questions.

Wishing you the best in your pursuit of your nursing career.

Thank you, praying for the best.

Is it a felony? I'm sorry, I'm not from Texas. Were you charged? Can you get it expunged?

I just replied to another post similarly. Sometimes the school isn't the problem, sometimes they are fine with little mistakes. The hospitals are brutal. They can be the ones to stop you in your tracks. So, do what you can to get rid of that charge. If it's not a felony ( I can't imagine making a racket at a party is a felony ), it should be fairly easy to get expunged. But, I would advise you do this prior to submitting an application to do clinicals in that hospital. They have long memories, especially in small towns.

No I have a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct class C that is sealed with a non disclosure. It only comes up on fingerprinting but not when I apply to jobs which are usually named based background checks. Do you think this will still stop me?

I have a class c misdemeanor disorderly conduct. It only shows if i do fingerprinting but not when im applying for jobs that just go through name based background check. Do you think this will still be a problem? do the hospitals use name based or fingerprinting? Thanks for your response really appreciate it.

All of the hospitals I have applied to use the 3rd party background checks ( maybe that's name based ), not just the level 2 AHCA background checks. My level 2 shows up clean, because my arrest was over 10+ years ago. But, the 3rd party background checks show everything. BON notes on my case, everything! Even with that being the case, I still can't see why a misd. would hurt you unless it was for theft. They hate thieves and drug stuff. Personally, if the only thing you were ever charged with is a disturbance, I would just call and ask the hospital who does the clinicals for the college you want to get into. I also learned that the schools are doing a really good job these days with this sort of dilemma.

Knowing what I know know, I would say you still have a good chance! Good luck!

Wow this definitely made me feel a lot better. I appreciate all your help! i will continue to have faith and take a chance. Thanks again for your response.

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Here in Texas they use Group One at most major employers. It is a VERY thorough, somewhat brutal agency for background checks. However, I don't know of any employers that are going to refuse employment for a misdemeanor "disturbing the peace" from years ago.

Okay that makes me feel a bit better. Thank you so much for replying

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