Can I carry a license in 2 different states


Hi everybody

I was interested in getting a license in PA, but I already hold a NJ license can I carry both? aI am a LPN and I am moving on the border of PA and NJ and figure it would make sense to carry both so I have options. Thank you

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you can have licenses in as many states as you want.


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You can maintain as many licenses as you care to pay the renewal fees for.


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Thank you all for the quick replies. DO I apply for licensure by endorsement or is there some other application. I wasn't sure if when I applied for the PA license if it would transfer crossing out my NJ license or if it would just ad on the PA license and I would have 2.


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You would have two licenses.


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State certificates do not transfer. For instance, while working in Indiana, I needed an Indiana certificate to administer PPD tests, while working in Ohio, I needed an Ohio IV certificate.

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I carry LVN/LPN licenses in 3 different states: California, Texas, and Oklahoma. My California license is delinquent simply because I have not lived there in nearly 4 years and, therefore, do not wish to pay the fees that would keep it active.

Since my initial licensure is from California, I endorsed this license into Texas 3 years ago. I also endorsed into Oklahoma several months ago. My licenses in Texas and Oklahoma are active.

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