Can a hospital help nurses communicate with patients?

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I know this might seem like a crazy question, but I work for a company that is in a position to HELP hospitals help nurses enjoy their jobs more and care for patients in a more compassionate and communicative way (according to the patient). Research says that when nurses TALK to the patient about everything from timeframes, food, pain, doctor visits, etc. the patient is much happier and heals faster. What would you want to tell the hospital administrators? Besides hire more nurses, which we know is a problem, is there anything your facility can do to help you? I've been reading many posts here and it seems you all are stressed out. What would help?


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LOL, if you really read the "stressed out posts" then you know why they're stressed. Afterall, they are the same ongoing stressors for more than a decade. So what've you got to sell my employer a "Give 'em the Pickle" video? No offense, but :rotfl:

You think your stuff would sell to the legislators? ;)


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FIRST the administrators have to CARE.......

most places that just it not the case.

they (administrators) have heard it all before; they are not fools.....

and we have heard every gimmick before...we are not fools, either....

tell ya what will help.....treating nurses with the respect and decency as doctors get.....and regarding us the professionals we are. NO hokey gifts on Nurses' Week....but...REAL remuneration and compensation for what we do and what we put up with day by day, please.

And QUIT shelling out big bucks to recruit newbies and grads and not taking care of the employees already there and proven. Quit spending big $$ on eye candy like fancy furniture and pretty trappings in the lobbies and get us equipment that WORKS. Really, it is simple yet so many can't see it.

Oh yea, there is a lot that can be done to make nurses happier, but talking to our patients about trivial things is not on my list. I talk to them because they are human and I like's part of what I do....but if you want me truly HAPPY give me some respect. The rest would follow.:zzzzz

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AMEN DEB!!! (Applauding your post with a standing ovation) :kiss

Couldn't have said it better if I said it myself!


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I believe that patients are more satisfied and heal faster when RN's spend more time with them, teaching them about their illness and how to manage their health, discussing reasons for tests, meds and treatment plans, etc. The only thing that will allow nurses to do that is to maintain a manageable nurse/patient ratio so that the nurse can do the necessary tasks (baths, meds, dressings, etc) and still have adequate time to talk and teach. My staff reports that having enough time to teach patients, explain things, provide comfort and support, and establish a real relationship with patients and their significant others are a huge priority to them and also the greatest source of their stress. Patients/families often complain to me that "the nurse seemed too busy", "the nurse took too long to get to me", etc, etc. The primary reason that this happens is that the nurse is tied up with other patients/families. So.....administration can help by recognizing these things and looking beyong the $$$$$.

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The one point I'd want to make to administrators is - Don't give me a script with canned phrases that I'm supposed to parrot back to patients! It's insincere, the patients aren't fooled, I'm offended by the treatment (I don't have enough brains to think for myself???) and I won't do it!


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Thanks for your responses - no big surprises I suppose. Money and time are the basics. What do you mean when you say "respect"? What are some actionable things for you that would SHOW respect?


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I think I stated myself how I would feel respected. But I will try to clarify.

Do not insult my intelligence, like Baglady said, above. When making decisions regarding/affecting NURSING why not INCLUDE NURSES in this process? (what a concept).... WE are the ONES "working it" and we would feel respected being included in processes that affect our daily work. It is a common sense thing that is either unintentionally or intentionally overlooked by the "big wigs" in the corner offices. And it infuriates us. RESPECT please.

Also, I alluded to making sure I have the equipment to do the job. WELL that is clear enough. Instead of buying beautification things to please the eye of the customer, please make sure I have equipment at my disposal that is CURRENT, FUNCTIONAL and you realize there are still hospitals using needle-access IV systems? NO EXCUSE FOR THAT!!!!! THAT is respect for our safety and ability to do our job. Where is the RESPECT for our safety?

I know also what admin's spend to woo doctors to the hospital....and recruit new grads and additional staff to the hospital. Respect ME by offering me a reason to STAY. Spend some of that moolah MY direction in the form of some sort of bonus or meaningful pay raise to keep me there. Quit spending big bucks to get others to come in and take care of WHO YOU KNOW...THAT is RESPECT for your CURRENT STAFF. Everyone complains about the phenomenon of the "gypsy nurse" ----well gee, if ya offer an unknown from another state $5000 to sign-on PLUS moving expenses, what do you THINK you will get???? It's a no-brainer. Again, show us RESPECT in this aspect....

Another thing, so many hospitals have Doctor's lounges (like mine) where they can get food/drink refreshment 24/7. What about us night nurses? We dont even have a cafeteria at night where I work and we are NOT allowed near the kitchen where patient refreshments are----welp that shows me REAL clearly who gets the respect there and it ain't US. Why NOT take care of the people who ARE the institution after all? THAT IS RESPECT.....

Ya see, little things mean a lot. But first admin/bean-counters need to CARE--------that is a tall order for some Seems admin types are always asking "what is bugging nurses so much?" I guess they cannot hear, see or feel much. I could go on and on about things that would show me you respect me as a nurse and member of the team...but I think you get my gist....yes, they need to CARE------------and RESPECT us as employees and more importantly, PROFESSIONALS....

Do you?:stone


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Thanks for the honesty.


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I am not shooting you.

you asked.

we responded.

honestly. it may sound brutal, but often honesty is.

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