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what can i expect on nursing school?

pandameow pandameow (New) New

i am going to start nursing school this february, will it be super hard?

any movitation tips?

diane227, LPN, RN

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Just take a read of some of these posts and you will get an idea. For some it is easy, for some hard. For me, it was medium. I did not study much but I went to class and took good notes and made A's in all my clinicals. Some people have a really hard time. I did not aim to be perfect in regard to paper work and scores on a test. I just wanted to be great in the clinical area and that is were I was my best. As long as I had a passing grade that is all I cared about. Now if you are going in with the idea of being perfect and making a perfect GPA then you are really going to stress yourself out. Also, depends on what else you have going on in your life. I was single but I did have a part time job. No kids or a husband.

I will be applying in August and if I get in, starting in January. I'm pretty nervous b/c I have no clue what to expect. I have heard some say that it is hard and they barely hung on by a thread. I have heard others say that they loved it. I guess it just depends on the student and how you handle stress, and how good of a learner you are. I work well under stress and I have a good memory, and have no problem learning a lot of stuff in a short amount of time. But on the other hand, when it comes to hands on stuff, Im not so fast and really need to take my time. Hopefully it will work out. Congrats on your acceptance. Just stay organized and you will be fine

Fermin Hernandez, ADN, ASN, RN

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Long hours of studying

Loss of social life

Unfair instructors with questionable sanity

Team and leadership skill development

Satisfaction of completing something difficult and important

Great instructors (often the same mentioned above) who teach far more then skills and raw information.

I've seen school bring out the best and worst in students. It can be rather transformational.

If I were you I wouldn't get it in your head what you think it will be like, because its nothing like you think. Its long hours of studying everyday, tests, check-offs, teachers down your throat. Depending on how hard your program is or how well you are doing, some do better than others or nursing comes a but more natural for some, you prolly won't have much free time. If you work hard, stay organized, don't fall behind or slack off and keep telling yourself you can do, you will be fine.

nursing school is stressful, the hardest thing ever, but the best thing ever as well. for me, something that really helps me is staying motivated and reminded as to why i want to be a nurse in the first place, so i have nursing quotes and pictures of my little sister (shes the reason i want to be a nurse) taped to my desk and they definitely give me the motivation i need to study through all hours of the night. dont expect to pass everything w/ flying colors/get all A's because it wont happen. set realistic goals for yourself and be thankful you are entering an amazing and life changing profession :)

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I got a really good insight of what I was getting into by this site and talking to many people, so far I have found it to be not near as bad as I expected it to be. Go in with a positive attitude and make sure you still make time for yourself and remember that an extra hour of sleep is more beneficial then an extra hour of studying. You absorb more when you are well rested.

Good luck to you.


Congrats and good luck ;)

my #1 tip is to get organised now and stay organised - I don't think there is any magic way of doing this, but you need to find what works best for you now, so when school starts your life is somewhat organised.

Good luck, enjoy it, go in with a positive attitude and I'm sure you'll do great


i definitely agree with the previous poster on getting organized. I remember 1st semester, I wasted soo much time trying to get organized that I lost alot of good studying time. Just buy a wall calendar and start planning out your time and coordinate each class with a separate folder etc. It really helps if u start early with time management/organizination skills.

=) I like Fermin Hernandez's reply!