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  1. 1234student

    Pinning Ceremony Songs

    Not sure what kinda of music you are into...but there is a song call "I was here" by Lady Antebellum. Its very good, they used it at my nursing school last year.
  2. 1234student

    NICU as a new grad?

    I am graduating in May with my RN and I am trying to decide if I should work on a general med surg floor to gain experience for a couple years or go right into working the NICU. They have a new grad position available where I am applying. I just not sure what the best thing to do is....Did anyone go straight into an ICU/NICU without experience as a nurse?
  3. I have heard from past students at my school to take the Kaplan review for the NCLEX. Hursts will come to our school and do a review for $150 bucks less. Some other students were interested in that. I was wondering what people thought about the Hurst and Kaplan reviews???
  4. 1234student

    A & P and Nursing = Stress Overload

    I totally understand what you are going through. Last semester I was in Adult Health I, Mental Health Nursing, and physiology. I was soooo overwhelmed and busy it was insane...If i had a break from one class I had to study for the other class...some weeks I had a test in each class plus clinicals on tuesday, thursday, and friday.....You really just have to not focus on the fact that you have a ton to do. You just have to tell your self you can do it and do it. There were many nights I thought i could not read another page or I thought i wanted to drop out just because i couldn't handle all the stress. But in reality, getting upset about it makes is soooo much worse. It will go by so fast i promise....it may be painful but its only a couple years of your life. Nursing school is stressful and being a nurse is stressful, its just part of it. You can do it!!!! Keep up the good work!!! Try very best, and even if you don't pass a test or something at least you know you did everything you could!
  5. 1234student

    Nursing journals/articles

    Ok. I will check those out, thanks. My topic is handwashing and spreading of germs among elementary students. I did end up finding one, I had to look at the actual article to see that is said RN. On the authors part is just said the name.
  6. 1234student

    Nursing journals/articles

    I have used databases for several years for previous research. I found articles on my project subject but nothing was written by a nurse. I am just having trouble finding articles writen by RN's
  7. 1234student

    Nursing journals/articles

    yes i have
  8. 1234student

    Nursing journals/articles

    I am doing a big project for my second year of nursing school and we have to find articles related to our topic and do bib cards on them to incorperate into our final paper for the project. The journals/articles must be writen by a Registered Nurse. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good site or sites I could find articles on?? Thanks
  9. 1234student

    2011 summer externship - illinois/missouri

    I'm not sure where in Missouri you are looking into. But, the University of Missouri Hospital in Columbia, MO offers an externship to nursing students who are within one year of graduation. They offer about 40-60 positions. They usually release information around February for this. They also do interviews for the positions. Its a very good program and they work well around schedules. Most get 36-40 hours a week and I think its about 12 dollars an hour. Let me know if you would like more information on this!!!
  10. 1234student

    Passed out - HELP!

    Your not alone! I'm also a 2nd year student and 2 weeks ago my patient had to get an incision and drainage on the palm of her hand...the doctor came in and did it at the bed side. I was assisting by holding open the incision so he could place an irrigation catheter and I came very close to passing out.. The room was tiny and extrememly hot!!!! I kept getting hotter and hotter and started sweating and finally just said I'm getting really dizzy... I sat down and opened the door and was fine. I don't have a problem with blood because i have watched surgeries in the OR and had no problem. I think when i get really hot, and maybe a little nervous that doesn't help... I had another instance when i was in a pts room with a couple doctors and nurses and the room was sooo hot, i started seeing stars but didn't pass out. So your not alone, I think its just something to learn to manage or work out. I wish i would have just said this room is too hot and turned on the A/C.... It happens to everyone, try not to think about "i might pass out" But if you feel it coming on, say something and sit down!!!! Drs are MUCH happier when you speak up rather than pass out in front of them!!! Or at least thats what some have told me! They say " if you feel like you are going to pass out, just sit down on the floor where ever you are"
  11. 1234student

    Do you call your teachers by their 1st names?

    We call all of our teachers by their first name besides the director and one teacher who wanted to be addressed as Ms.
  12. My SNA group is taking 15-25 people to the National Student Nurses Association Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. We would like to raise enough money to pay for everyones flight, room, and food!! Any ideas or things that have worked for your SNA??? Thanks
  13. 1234student

    Our role in clinical?

    Are they not letting you all do meds and dressing changes and that sort of stuff??? When we are at the hospitals and aren't busy with our patient or patients we are encouraged by the teachers to help out in anyway we can...Most RN's have 4 or 5 patients and are supppper busy with meds, dressing changes, assessments and stuff and usually with 1 or 2 patients we have free time to help them out. Yeah its not the funnest thing in the world but its kinda your way of helping the nurses out after they have allowed you to come on there unit. What we do to see more at clinicals is say to the nurses hey if anyone has a patient with a dressing change I would like to help or if anyone needs and IV or catheter or NG placed I would like to help.....
  14. Then i would just say that. Pt unble to verbilize, grimaced and moaned when turned indicating pain. I know at my hospital that have a special section to assess pain with if they are nonverbal.
  15. 1234student

    Help with Chemistry!!

    I would def trying going on Amazon and buying a different book if it is the certain book you think is hard to understand. Try breaking it down and rewriting it your self. That stuff can be hard, its not just you! Just take the time to break it down and go over it
  16. 1234student

    How much time do you *really*spend studying?

    Ok, well nursing must just come easier to you than others. But, people in my program study A LOT for tests...pretty much everyday. We are down to 17 out of the 50 we started with last august and we are in our 3rd out of 4 semesters. And i wasn't trying to make it out that I have it harder than other people, I know there are harder programs out there....