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CoffeeRTC, BSN, RN

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I second the try and take the class voters! I took an EMT class as an elective in my 4th year and loved it. I wish I would have went for paramedic too. ... A few kids later and working in LTC those skills are still usefull.


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hurrah for the cotjockey!


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One other point I'd like to make:

As with any skill, taking a class doesn't necessarily equal competence. In order to really have a good grasp, the skill has to be practiced. As a CNA, if you take an ACLS course, and if you aren't allowed to fully practice that skill, you will lose it and not be fully utilizing your knowledge.

I am certified in NALS, however, haven't practiced the skill in almost two years. I wouldn't consider myself the most competent anymore.

I would recommend waiting to take ACLS until you can fully utilize and practice the skill.

cna trainer

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well cna are generaly not allowd to take a acls course, reason being is due to the fact that you are not able to administer the medications, however all depending who is doing the training you may be able to slip into the class... i would tell yo to go ahead and take the class after you read up on it first! reason the medication when where and whys are very complicated! i am a instructor my best advice would be to take the cpr instructor course with american heart assc. and learn as you go it also is a job opportunity for you you could make up to 500.00 for a 8 hour cpr/first aid course! 50.00 *10 persons=500.00 i do it for my nurse staffing agency that i owne in florida let me know!

FranEMTnurse, CNA, LPN, EMT-I

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cna trainer,

I can definitely tell you don't live in Central PA. I was disillusioned when I began to teach CPR here. They all said to was an entirely volunteer thing. I did do it a few times though to help out. I taught mostly doctors and nurses at our hospital.

But when I lived in New York state, I always was paid $10. an hour, which back then added up to quite a bit, because I kept 135 employees certified in CPR, Basic First Aid, and OSHA regulations. Plus I helped a fellow ambulance corps volunteer who was a dental assistant just one afternoon, and made $!00, and also got paid from our local college for helping teach the EMT class.


cna trainer

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thats horrible! i cant belive that rate of pay!, were you doing it on your own?or working for someone? well, in florida people make a killing teaching,theyhave a shortage along with everything else. i hold classes for this every sat. and pick up 2-300 per sat.

FranEMTnurse, CNA, LPN, EMT-I

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Wow! I worked for the Centre Community Hospital based American Heart Association. And yes, I did feel taken advantage of, but the reason I did it still was to help out.

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