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can anyone recommend a good heart/lung sounds CD?

hey -

just wondering if anyone out there could suggest a good heart or lung sounds CD to learn from. I just graduated from LPN school and am waiting to take my state test, but in the meantime I feel like I need to be doing something to freshen up my skills. I don't think I feel completely confident in this area anyways...thanks for you help in advance!

Auscultation Skills

third edition

Breath & heart Sounds

Lipincott Williams&Wilkins

It is a book with audio CDs, explains the physiology and pathophysiolgy of 40 different breath sound and more than 50 different heart sounds. Love it!

Try Bodyworks

it has lessons and alot of factual info

you can also picture everything in 3D and cut things in half or watch the blood flow etc etc

I found this CD helped so much when I was studying that we burnt one for the whole class & my teacher kept one also.

regards & goodluck

i am also looking for good audio cd

where can i get bodyworks from?

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