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While you are working in the clinic, a healthy 32 yr old women whose sister is a carrier of the BRCA Gene asks you which form of breast cancer screening is the most effective for her.which response is best? annual mammogram is usually sufficient screening for women your age.

2.a monthly self brest exam is recommended because of ur higher risk

3. A yearly breast examination by a health care provider should be scheduled

4. Magnetic resonance imaging is recommended in addition to annual mammography .

Is 2 is the answer??

Surveillance for breast cancer if you have a BRCA mutation means having clinical breast exams every six months and mammograms and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exams every year.

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No, it's not. Do you know what the BRCA gene is?

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No idea

Perhaps you should look that up.

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I agree that you should educate yourself on BRCA mutations. Not only for your learning purposes, but understanding how this could affect you personally, if you are a woman (I never assume gender).

The BEST answer is 4.) MRI with yearly mammogram. American Cancer Society does not necessarily recommend for or against a MRI, but that is how they are separating the options. At 32, an average risk woman does not get mammograms until the age of 40, so that negates that answer. Woman who are at higher risk are usually recommended to start screening earlier. (Of course, this is depending on the recommendations you follow USPTF vs ACS). You should consider this woman at high risk, because she has a first degree relative with the genetic mutation and has not had genetic testing done herself.

Average and high risk woman should be doing monthly breast exams, yearly mammograms, and breast exams by a provider. Also, doing either a self breast exam or provider breast exam is not very helpful in seeing inside the breasts. Unless you or your physician has special powers, of course!

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