Can ADN with non-nursing bachelor's commission?


hey, everyone,

i'm an active duty spouse who is planning to go to nursing school after we come back from overseas. we're playing the "which duty station?" game right now.

our first choice duty station is ft. wainwright, which only has an adn program nearby. i have a non-nursing bachelor's (journalism). i'm planning on an rn->msn program, but i was wondering if the reserves would commission me before the msn?

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There is a "sticky" at the bottom of this forum with some basic information about commissioning requirements for each branch of service (you didn't mention which branch, but I'm thinking Army based on Ft. Wainwright?). As of this time, each branch requires that the BSN (or MSN) be in nursing:

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Thanks. Actually, I was thinking Reserves. But I figured it was a long shot, anyway.


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NG Commissions you with only an ADN. You can Xfer to reserves after BSN....

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NG might still accept ADN's but there are few medical slots in the NG in most states. Not sure about AK. As far as transfering to the reserves from the NG you would still need to meet the minimium educational requirements which at this time is a BSN in all services. At one time the Army Reserves accepted ADN's but at the present time they do not. Also, at one time the AF accepted a ADN along with a bachelors in another field; not sure if they still do. Along with looking into the link that Lunah provided and speak with a health care recruiter from each service to find the correct answer as they are today since they do change from time to time.