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  1. What job do you guys work that allows you to have summers off? I think camp nursing sounds awesome but I can not figure out what jobs either give that much pto for weeks off in summer or are you all school nurses?
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  3. by   LessValuableNinja
    Contract / travel. School nursing in some cases.
  4. by   tining
    School nurse.

    Some camps also allow for a 2 week stint if that appeals to you. The pool of nurses is small and getting someone the entire summer can be difficult.
  5. by   ohiobobcat
    School nurse here.
  6. by   campnursing4life
    I just work casual and/or take term positions that conveniently end when camp starts!
  7. by   CloudySue
    Pediatric private duty, PRN.
  8. by   Alex Egan
    I did pediatric privet duty as well.
  9. by   donnab1
    I used to do pediatric home care. I used to give Synagis shots. These were done only during flu season so I would do that in the fall/winter/spring and camp nursing in the summer. I did that for about 2 years and then found a hospital job working night shift. On my off days I would work at camp. I did that for another year before my body decided I couldn't do it anymore. lol
  10. by   JustbeRN
    school nurse here also.

    unfortunately over the years it is getting harder to find short camp contracts.. We get out of school fairly earlier than most and go back earlier.. That seems to play a factor and that I cannot commit for 8 weeks. When I only have 9 weeks off in the summer I like to enjoy at least some of it and not work.
  11. by   K8Wolters,RN
    Please look into the Serious Fun camps. You can volunteer for one week! Most positions are volunteer but for me,
    it's how I get my kiddo Fix. I used to do home care and now work in an adult ICU, I love it but miss the kids.
    It's incredibly rewarding! The only stinker is that you have to use an entire week's PTO, that's not a problem for me
    but I can see how it could be for others, it does help that it is working Wednesday to Wednesday, therefore, you can
    work some of each week on either side if you were really ambitious! Last year I tried Roundup River Ranch in
    Colorado (closest to me) and I'm going back this summer. I would like to try the one in California Next year!

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