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  1. Miralax

    Thank you so much for this. They won't give me a standing order for anything other than "follow bottle instructions". I've asked.
  2. Miralax

    Thanks, I don't think I was clear. It's not for a specific kid .. it's in our OTC stock meds. I would absolutely follow a Dr. note for it if one came in, but I was thinking for the kids that come to the infirm with belly pain, bloating and no po...
  3. Miralax

    What does your camp do with miralax? Bottle says for ages 17 and up; 16 and under see physician. Orders from county health say that OTC meds can be administered per bottle directions". Parents have it as an option to check it off yes/no on OTC med li...
  4. Lunch relief by a scrub tech?

    GREAT information, thank you so much!! Looks like I'm in the clear. I'm in a "room for improvement" state!
  5. Late career switch to OR nurse?

    What have you got to lose if you don't try? You are not nuts. Edited to add. I am also a single mom of a 10 year old girl and just be warned, the schedule can be brutal. Make sure you have excellent sitters available or your child's fa...
  6. Lunch relief by a scrub tech?

    I work in a float pool for a couple surgery centers. A new place I went to is super super short staffed and had 7 cases today; one OR. I was expecting no lunch due to schedule. Fine, whatever. However, someone came in to relieve me for lunch bu...
  7. Lefthanded in the OR??

    I did get in trouble during orientation for a left handed moment. The anesthesiologist made a complaint that I was standing on the left side of the patient during intubation so my manager put me on an additional week or orientation!! I'm not sure wha...
  8. On-Call

    Our call shifts are 1715 - 2345 and 2345 - 0645 M-F. Sat/Sun they are 0700 - 1900 and 1900 - 0645. They take as much call as needed to cover all shifts. Extremely short staffed right now so I think people are taking at least 9 call shifts in a month ...
  9. Shoes to buy for the OR

    Shoes are one thing but get yourself some compression socks for whatever shoes you end up with. I like the sockwell socks (amazon, sockwell, some actual stores) and wear the 20-30mmHg compression. My legs feel tired and heavy wearing normal socks aft...
  10. Is seeing a pt in Preop really a must for OR nurses??

    I always get my own patients. We have to verify name/DOB, the consent, allergies, etc...I would be very uncomfortable getting a patient without a trip to pre-op. I have had anesthesiologists try to take them first and I always ask for a minute. I do ...
  11. Great article! I was racking my brain trying to think of anybody else and all I could come up with was neuromonitoring for some of our spine cases! It's crowded in there sometimes isn't it!?
  12. Where to stand during induction

    Hi fellow OR nurses! Do you make a point to stand on a specific side of the patient during induction? Have your anesthesiologists asked you to stand somewhere specific - right or left side?
  13. Single parents? Childcare?

    Hi... I'm relocating out of state and am a single mom to a (will be) 7 year old. Obviously I'll need a lot of childcare. Anyone deal with call as a single parent? How do you deal with a sitter for call? Her father is out state, both the one I am in a...
  14. OR Travelers

    Thanks for everything! I've done general, urology, c-sections, gynecology, spines, ortho, podiatry, ENT, eyes, bariatric plastics, wounds, dental and minimal neuro. We have a special neuro team, as well as a dedicated heart team so I've never been ne...
  15. Resource Nurse

    I think I get what you meant - we have a nurse who is famous for coming into your room during your case and moving EVERYTHING around, or putting all the pieces of paper at a 90 degree angle or whatever. On the other hand she is incredibly thorough in...