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Hi Camosun Bachelor of Science in Nursing students!

I have an interview coming up soon..does any one have details to share? Would really appreciate it.

All the best :)

Hey everyone! I also applied to the 2017 intake. I spoke with the head of Nursing Admissions this week as my application had been lost (all remedied now thank goodness!) and she informed me that I would be moving on to phase 2 as my GPA is high enough. She told me she would be sending out an email to all applicants in the next couple of weeks to inform them and let us know the next steps. Good luck!

They are emailing them this year as well :) I spoke with Nursing Admissions this week and she said she would be sending an email within the next couple weeks!

Hi Hayley! That is super exciting :) do you know what the cut off GPA is or what sort of grades one would need to have to be moved into the interview phase?

I was told that I will be moving on to the interview phase (although I haven't received the general email they send to those who qualify) and here are the grades that I had:

English - A

Biology - A-

Chemistry - B

Math - I had a B+ according to my high school, but Camosun actually considered the percentage mark I received as an A-

I was really concerned about my B, but clearly it didn't stop me! They only invite a certain number of people for interviews each intake, so it depends on how competitive you are compared with other applicants. Good luck!

Hey. How were you able to find your percentage of the pre reqs and wether you moved on to phase 2 so early?

My percentages were on my high school transcripts or my Camosun transcripts for courses I upgraded or didn't do in high school. I found out that I moved on to phase 2 last week because there was an issue with my application getting "lost" and I had to be in contact with the head of the nursing dept. to make sure they had received everything as I had to submit a document after the deadline due to no fault of my own! They should be in contact with everyone else this week or next, she told me to keep an eye out for the email they send to everyone who is invited for an interview.

Thanks for sharing your grades Hayley. I have three As and one B, so that gives me hope.:rolleyes:

I'm sure that your grades are good enough. My grades were in college level courses so I don't know if they count for more, but 3 As and 1 B is great regardless. Let me know if you get an invite :)

I also have 3 A's and B :)

I just received the email to say I've moved onto the second stage.. it's not interview though. It's a questionnaire type thing. Geeeez. How many stages are there??

I advanced to second stage as well!

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