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Hi Camosun Bachelor of Science in Nursing students!

I have an interview coming up soon..does any one have details to share? Would really appreciate it.

All the best :)

I have an interview coming up for the intake as well. From what I know so far I believe there is an essay portion to assess writing skills and then a formal interview with instructors with a mixture of situational and career focused questions.

Not going to lie I'm very nervous and excited at the same time.

Good luck!

Thanks! All the best.

I had my interview today. 25-30 minutes for a short essay followed by a 20 minute interview (4-5 questions) with instructors. Mine was good so keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck :)

I had my interview yesterday! I wasn't sure what to expect as I thought it would be the typical MMI process, so I was thrown off guard by the essay. I feel good about my interview overall though, I was pretty nervous but the two women that interviewed me were very understanding/nice! I'm anxious to hear back, I don't want to get my hopes up but I really want to get into this program! AH. Anyway, best of luck to you! It's nice to see another hopeful Camosun student on here for this years intake :)

Yes I'm on the same boat I'd say. Interview was good and the instructors were super nice but contrary to the info. on the Camosun site, its definitely not the typical MMI process. Even though I was expecting a written assessment, I'm not sure how it went. Guess we'll know in about three weeks! Good luck to you too ;)

I too had my interview yesterday. I found myself going on random tangents and needing them to repeat the questions for me to make sure I was actually answering them. Quite wordy questions in my opinion. Other than that it was great, and the essay was ok. Good luck guys! Would be fun to post here when we know we're in :)

Yes I agree with that! I felt good about most of my answers, except for one I felt I sold myself short a little and could have answered better.. But oh well! Nothing we can do now except for think positively. Look forward to hearing if you guys got in :)

We should be hearing something next week!

Side note: I spoke to admissions and there are 144 seats plus 8 reserved for aboriginal students.

AHH. Not so patiently waiting.. This week can't go fast enough!

Nursingstudentjen94, Did someone in admissions tell you we would be hearing next week? I was hoping this week? Tuesday was 3 weeks since my interview. Hopefully by Friday?

Hopefulnurse4, I believe they were going to send out invitations 3 weeks after the last day of interviews, which was the 18th. I'm hoping that means they're sent out tomorrow and will arrive sometime next week!

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