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Hi Camosun Bachelor of Science in Nursing students!

I have an interview coming up soon..does any one have details to share? Would really appreciate it.

All the best :)

I spoke to the lady in charge of nursing admissions, and when she looked up my profile it was still under review. They are probably using this week to finalize everything and prepare the letters to send out. She specifically said Mid March (so next week). Hope this helps! It would be awesome if they went out this week :p

I forgot to mention that I asked on Friday the 4th, so the invites could have already been sent by now or tomorrow as hayi mentioned. I'm just trying to not get myself worked up lol. :)

I also talked to the admissions office today and they mentioned that letters regarding application status would be sent mid to late march. Waiting around is by far the worst!

I hate the waiting! Camosun's program is the only one I have applied for, as I am unable to pay for living expenses out of town (I live with my parents). I'm far too impatient for this lol. Have you guys applied elsewhere?

NursingStudentJen94, I'm from Nanaimo, so I also applied at VIU. I would rather go to Camosun though, the program seems better even through the application process. VIU is only GPA based which leads to higher dropout rates, as there's no interview process to see if students are the right fit. I also heard you get more clinical hours at Camosun which will be nice!

Are all of you from Victoria?

Also, do you think they send out letters regardless of if you received a seat? Like to let you know that you weren't accepted?

Has anyone heard anything?

Nothing in the mail today, chelsey. Hayi, I would imagine they would send rejection letters to those who didn't make the cut. Here's hoping for tomorrow lol.

This is so stressful!! :dead:

Nothing for me either.. Checked the mail twice today í ½í¹ˆ Hoping this week for sure!

I always thought I was a patient person.. Until now! Hoping this week is finally the week that all of us hear back!

Bugged admissions again today. :sorry: They said they are telling people end of March as they are "compiling the interview data" still but it could be earlier than that. Just to allow them some wiggle room. She also said that rejection letters will be sent also, so if you don't get in you'll know rather than waiting around for an acceptance that'll never come.

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