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Hi Camosun Bachelor of Science in Nursing students!

I have an interview coming up soon..does any one have details to share? Would really appreciate it.

All the best :)

I keep checking this page for excited declarations! I hope they send the invitations soon :D

Thanks for the information. Hard not to be impatient when I was told it shouldn't take more than 3 weeks to hear back, oh well! Hope to hear something soon :) good luck to you all.

Hopefully today is the day! I can't bare the thought of having to wait over the weekend :no:

Hey guys, Just to let you know, I received my invite today. It was sent out on the 18th, so it should be coming to you guys soon. Good luck to those waiting :)

Congratulations, tj. I hope that means mine comes tomorrow! (by the way, 1 day delivery is some fine mail service lol)

Again congrats! I went in there today because I'm getting a little impatient. They told me the end of the month, but I'm glad to hear that someone has heard some good news! Hopefully I will hear something this week :)

Congrats TJ! Nothing for me either.. It's good to know someone has received something though, hoping that means it'll be this week.

No letter today but I was just made aware that I'm getting a reserved aboriginal student seat!!! Also I asked for you guys and like tj said.. Letters were sent on Friday The 18th. I'm so excited!!

Congrats Jen, i'll see you there then :)

Ugh, I'm getting so frustrated with waiting! Congrats Jen!!

Yay!!! Congrats hayi

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