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Hi Camosun Bachelor of Science in Nursing students!

I have an interview coming up soon..does any one have details to share? Would really appreciate it.

All the best :)

Bio 103 = A+

Chem 100 = A

Engl 151 = A+

Math 073 = B+

Hi everyone! I've applied for the BSN September 2017 intake. I was just curious what type of grades you all had which granted you acceptance/an interview. My marks are English 93%, Biology 92%, Math 94%, Chemistry 86%. Are these similar to all of yours? Also, when did everyone receive an invitation to interviews? How did everyone find the interview process? Difficulty, type of questions etc. How is everyone enjoying their first year at Camosun? Thanks! :)

Hey DallasR

Ive also applied for 2017 intake. These are my marks: English A, Chemistry B, Math A, Biology A+

Best of luck to us!

Hey knitone!

That's awesome! I got a letter today dated from January 25th saying they received all my documents and that I am in the second part of admissions and GPA's are being calculated. They said all calculations will be made by February 1st, so I am sure we will hear back about interviews soon!! Keep me posted :)

Cool! I haven't received a letter yet about the documents but I did speak on the phone with them on the 16th to confirm they received everything (last minute panic!)

I'm anxious to know but I have a strong feeling I won't be getting in. I'll probably have to retake my upgraded courses so my marks are slightly higher. I will keep you posted for sure!

Are you already in Victoria? Where are you applying from?

No! I live in the Fraser valley in Langley. Are you living in Victoria? Also, have you heard any news!?

Have you heard anything?

Hey. I'm in Kamloops but I'm moving to Victoria in a few months. I haven't heard anything yet but I'm sitting by the mailbox everyday. I feel like it should be this week though.

Hey guys I know from last year they emailed the interview invites. Unless they're doing it differently this year.. Just thought I should let you know! GOOD LUCK

Ugh, i know.. me too. I am getting so anxious waiting!

Hey Guys :) I have also applied for September 2017! Good to know that there are others anxiously awaiting interview invites!!

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