Calling all nurses...did you ever wonder if you could do it?

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I *still* wonder about it, every day......

Seriously, if you ever think you've "made it", that's the time to quit! Sadly, I know some nurses like that, who think they've got this whole nursing thing wired and they know everything there is to know. Me, I've only been an RN for six years, but I'll NEVER stop learning, even if I work until I'm 80.


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- I am the opposite end of the nursing school game --- just getting started.

- Have A&P 101 Finals tonight (8/4).

- Nervous, you betcha...

- But I am determined more than ever to somehow pull this nursing school thing off. Actually am looking forward to clinicals.

- What keeps me going? I keep dreaming about getting out of the cubicle that I sit in 10 hours a day. I keep dreaming about doing the travel-nurse thing...and being able to walk away from a job after 13 weeks.


- Is it all roses? No -- I understand that. But, I am so freagin determined to do something else with my life that I could scream. Never did I feel this strong about wanting to enter the computer field as I do the nursing field.

- For me, it's going to be a quality of life issue. If I can handle the 12+ hour days of nursing -- then I hope I can enjoy my days off. More importantly, I hope I can enjoy my days off and live where I want to and fish where I want to.

- Certainly can't do that with the current state of the IT field. And I am one of the lucky ones - at least I am employed.


- Well it's 2:10PM. Final is at 5PM. Gotta go hit the books.

- Thanks for letting me ramble.

John Coxey

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John, good luck with your A&P final!

I have doubts, but I think it's just normal.


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never doubted until i actually failed an exam. then i just got stubborn. i had a very hard time in school, but am having a blast being a nurse. sometimes i can't believe how well i get paid for this job that i love............


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I don't know if anyone will check out this post now as it was written a while ago.

I am a student nurse in Canada, about to enter my 5th semester and I am still wondering if I will make it. As someone earlier mentioned, about half of our starting class has dropped off like flies!!! AND at the end of last semester, we were cautioned not to feel like we were home free..........yip, it means there are still people to lose!!

I liked the advice on taking it one day at a time. I too began the program looking toward the end of the three year term, now I am just grateful to get through one semester and sometimes one week.

This coming semester is supposedly stuffed full of paperwork, like no other semester before..........I pray I can keep up the good work I have been able to accomplish thus far. My worry comes to not being able to spend enough time with my two young children, as they don't really understand what is going on. I just keep telling myself that it will all be worth it when I am finished. Nursing is my second career, but has always been a dream of mine.........I am looking forward to joining the profession.:)

Well, must go...........good luck to all my fellow hard and it will pay off.;)

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