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What are you plans for this Summer?  My 7th Summer @ camp.

I'm at co-ED  residential camp in Philly suburbs, 200+ campers, 80+ staff -- moving in 6/19 for 9 week session.  Owned by my kids prior Pediatrician. Told they got a golf cart for easier transport of 15 plastic  containers of meds to dining hall uphill ---better than 2 baby carriages.

Last year had 2 Senior Nursing students that were fantastic; both graduated and have positions lined up. Awaiting final  health center staff names: told 1 is student PA last semester  avail 4 weeks; returning RN  -- campers Mom for last 2 weeks. Lucky we have 3 separate air conditioned rooms with indiv. showers in health center.   Hoping for new ice machine.  Got wireless doorbell to put out after evening hours as staff unable to hear knock at office door opposite end building from sleep areas; walkie-talkie radio batteries always died.

Kids will have PCR test done within 48hrs arrival saving lots time on opening day.

I'm bringing purple glitter float to lounge in pool post my water aerobics -- pool right outside my front door!

Have my 4th July, Halloween and Hawaiian decorations for dance themed nights.  Bringing my foam coolers growing Spring mix lettuce and tomato's and my hanging plant.  Also microwave, electric kettle and herbal TEAS.  Ready, set, GO.

HAVE FUN!   ❤️👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️❤️


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I'm looking forward to my 5th Summer of volunteering one week as a YMCA camp nurse. 300 campers, 70ish staff. Same camp where I spent my high school summers working as kitchen staff!

We have a golf cart - so helpful for transporting meds and for response to nurse requests as our camp covers a fairly large area. 

Love the wireless doorbell idea!

I met the camp staff last week when I did a staff training session on misc health and nurse stuff. Seems like a great staff group this year. Our nurse intern is returning from last year which is wonderful. I'll be helping on registration days which I always enjoy.

I'm so ready for camp!



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Leaving on Wednesday 6/22 for my 4th Summer at camp.  My camp is in NH.  Residential camp with 3 sessions.  Any where from 100 - 240 kids per session, around 100 staff.  We host international campers and staff... so fun to catch up with friends from around the world. 

As of last week, we are fully staffed for the Summer.  I am working weeks 1-4, and returning for week 7, the final week of the season.  Living arrangements are comfortable.  We live in the health lodge, private bedrooms, shared bathroom x 2, full kitchen.  Although, we eat our meals in the dining hall.

We have a golf cart!  We triage from the beach every day during general swim and often try activities with the kids.  Fishing and high ropes are two of my faves 🙂  We have a gorgeous stable and I love the horses, but I'm not a fan of riding.

We are doing antigen testing on days 1,3, and 5.  All staff tested weekly on Saturdays.  It seems like a lot, but we were so organized last year that it went off without a hitch.  Fingers crossed for another successful, healthy Summer!!


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How do we comply with this guideline just put out on June 18th by NYS?

from head of staff:

"I have been looking carefully at the COVID guidelines sent by the state, and there is a bit of a wrinkle with our testing policy. This year, in order to do testing on site at camp, we are apparently supposed to apply for a Limited Service Laboratory certificate. This involves a 6-page application, a $200 application fee, a 3-week turnaround time for approval, and finding someone who has the following credentials:


" The laboratory director designee must be a licensed health care practitioner (Physician, Podiatrist, Dentist, PA, NP, PharmD, RPh or CNM only) or a Ph.D. or D.Sc. holding a certificate of qualification."


I reached out to DOH to see if there is any alternative and the short answer was no. 


I am incredibly frustrated by this since it is a significant obstacle to us taking a simple step to keep the community safe."

It would seem by this new rule we can't do rapid tests on site given that I am not an NP (I am an RN). We are a sleep-away camp, requiring PCR's before camp for entry, but once kids are here, if they exhibit any Covid symptoms with this new rule we would not be able to rapid antigen test them. Kids come from many different states, so it's not a situation where we can have the parents do it. 
Anyone have any thoughts on this? Please share!

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Just saw this NY requirement.  Do you have a medical director who signs off on policies?  They should be the listed on application. Otherwise, contact county health dept to see if their regs cover you.

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